Wooden floor cleaning is a topic and a question that is brought up quite frequently. As we have written many articles on wooden floor cleaning including step by step procedures, we felt it important for our readers to understand the importance of how wooden floor cleaning can be effected by humidity levels.

It is important knowledge for two basic reasons and it is the goal of this article to make our visitors interested in wooden floor cleaning to understand the effects of humidity on wooden floors.

The basic two ways humidity effects wooden floor cleaning is as follows. There are other reasons but these are the two major reasons.

  • Damage to the wooden floor
  • Dry time of the cleaning solution during the cleaning process

So if humidity can adversely affect wooden floors how it can be controlled and with relative humidity levels that vary from geographical region by geographical reason it also begs the question should wooden floors be installed as flooring?

The answer to both of these questions is yes but with some precautions. The key is to control humidity levels which are easy.

If you were more interested in the step by step procedures of wooden floor cleaning please go the following link (Cleaning Wooden Floors – Simple Cleaning – Residential).

Just always remember when it comes to cleaning wooden floors…WOOD HATES WATER!


Wooden Floor Cleaning – Effects of Humidity and Precautions


  1. High Humidity Effects: High humidity will cause the wooden floors to swell and perhaps raise the grain of the wood which will damage the floor structurally and from an appearance standpoint. Additional it will make difficult to clean if the wood grains are raised. Splintering will eventually be caused from this problem. Additionally if high humidity is present for prolonged periods of time, the wood can rot.Additionally High Humidity will increase the dry time when cleaning which can create water damage over time. To assist in avoiding over wetting the wooden floor during cleaning, using a microfiber cleaning mop system like Swiffer or Bona. These types of cleaning systems apply less cleaning solution to the wooden floor as compared to a mop and bucket cleaning method.
  2. Low Humidity Effects: Low humidity can also damage a wooden floor by removing all the natural residual moisture from the wood causing the floor to split (also known as “Checking”), crack, chip and dry rot.
  3. Dehumidifiers: If you live in a region where relative humidity is high, we advise installing a dehumidifier to control the humidity levels in a home of building which will reduce and control the humidity to acceptable levels.
  4. Humidifier: If you live in a region where relative humidity is low like desert areas, we advise installing a humidifier to control the humidity levels in a home of building which will increase and control the humidity to acceptable levels.


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