With resurgence in popularity of wood floors, how to perform Wood floor cleaning is a common question that many readers ask. There are many different ways to clean wood floors including methods, tools, supplies, etc.

However, this article’s goal is to address Spot Mopping as a way of performing wood floor cleaning. Nowadays for the residential homeowner time is a precious commodity. Homeowners are always trying to find ways to fit everything in their busy schedules including wood floor cleaning. With this realization, we wanted to provide our readers with an option to keep their floors clean in a minimal amount of time spent on wood floor cleaning.

At keeping floors clean we always approach cleaning tasks from a practical real life outlook. The truth of the matter is when it comes to residential homes; most floors do not get soiled badly. For most homes, wood floor cleaning takes place on a once per week basis but for homes with little foot traffic or adult foot traffic, wood floor cleaning can be done weekly. But does the entire floor need to be cleaned? If it is not dirty then why perform wood floor cleaning? Why not spot mop the areas of the floor that are visually soiled or dirty. Now eventually the entire floor should be cleaned but does it does not need it if the floor basically only has a few soiled spots.

For the purpose of this discussion, the objective is to provide residential homeowners a simple easy way for wood floor cleaning. The answer is spot mopping.   

Just always remember when it comes to cleaning wooden floors…WOOD HATES WATER!


Wood Flooring Cleaning – What is Spot Mopping

Spot Mopping is exactly what it sounds like. You use a damp mopping procedure to clean only the dirty spots on the wood floor. It is simple, easy and a real-time saver. Again, you will need to eventually clean the entire floor but if it does not require a complete cleaning, why spend the time doing it.

Wood floor cleaning spot mopping steps

  1. Dust mop the floor
  2. Set up your Mop and Cleaning Solution
  3. Spot Mop dirty spots


Wood Flooring Cleaning – Spot Mopping Tools

  1. Fiber Cloth Moping: Swiffer  and Bona Mopping Systems
  2. Sponge Mop
  3. Standard Mop and Bucket  

Recommendation: There are many various types of wood cleaning products and tools on the market today for both residential use that will deliver results and protect the wood floor from damage. We like the fiber cloth mopping systems because they use a minimal about of water and cleaning solution on the wood floor. Wood hates water and can damage it over time. The fiber cloth moping systems are inexpensive and control the amount of cleaner solution used.


Wood Flooring Cleaning – Helpful Websites

Swiffer Cleaning Mop System

Bona Cleaning System

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