The goal of this article is to provide our readers with a guide line of useful hints and tips on dust mopping which is the first step in vinyl floor cleaning. Vinyl floor cleaning is relatively easy and as with anything else following recommended procedures to perform each task for vinyl floor cleaning will lead to fast, easy and positive cleaning results. 

Since dust mopping is the first step when vinyl floor cleaning, it is the most critical. Because it picks up loose soils and dirt that would otherwise be left on the floor and create a gummy or clumpy mess on the floor during the second step in vinyl floor cleaning which is wet cleaning. In other articles we have explained how to dust mop floors but this information is designed to provide help hints and tips on proper dust mopping procedures improving on the dust mopping procedure. Vinyl Floor Cleaning – Dust Mopping Hints Always dust mop after finishing cleaning tasks that are above the floor such as light fixture, vents and air ducts and furniture cleaning. 

  • Use a quality dust mop that collects and retains the soil and does not move the soil around.
  • Always avoid spots on the floor that are wet or sticky when dust mopping. These wet soiled spots will cause soiled or dirty muddy streaks on the floor.
  • Always avoid leaving piles of dust and loose debris collected from dust mopping piled up in high traffic areas of the floor.
  • Always switch your dust mop heads immediately after it is filled with soil and dust. This will always improve the amount of dust collected during the task.
  • Always check the floors for any heavy soiled built up areas of the vinyl floor that will require added attention during the next step wet cleaning procedure of vinyl floor cleaning.
  • Optional: After you have completed your dust mopping of the vinyl floor, shake the dust mop out in a trash can, spray with a dust mop treatment in preparation for the next time you use the dust mop when vinyl floor cleaning.  


Vinyl Floor Cleaning – Products and Supplies


Equipment Required:  

  • Wet Floor Signs or Caution Tape
  • Dust Mop or Broom Cotton Yarn or Microfiber
  • Blunt Plastic Scraper Blade
  • Dust Mop Frame and Handle
  • Dust Mop Treatment (Optional)
  • Personal Protection Equipment – boots, goggles, gloves, etc. (Refer to Product Label and Product Material Safety Data Sheet)


Vinyl Floor Cleaning – Reference Websites


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