This article addresses the most versatile machines for tile floor cleaning. There are many different types and kinds of floor cleaning machines but this machine has multiple purposes and can perform many functions. It is small enough to get into tight spaces and large enough to cover larger areas. In the commercial market, it is considered a work horse and a must have as part of their power equipment inventory. This machine was one of the first power equipment that was developed and it still is a mainstay for tile floor cleaning.


Tile Floor Cleaning Machines – Why they are an Important Part of Floor Cleaning


Single Disc Floor Machines clean tile floors in a variety of ways

  1. They can be used for general tile floor cleaning in two different ways …
    • For daily cleaning and deep cleaning
  2. They can get into small tight floor areas like…
    • Restrooms, entrance ways, lobbies and vestibules, between desks in offices, etc.
  3. A quiet machine that uses AC/DC electrical pug in power, so…
    • The power source is unlimited and can run for as long as is required to complete the cleaning task.
  4. Multi-Functional Operation…
    • A simple change of the pad driver on the machine allows the operator to perform other cleaning functions. See the following section to see the most common other cleaning functions.


Tile Floor Cleaning Machines – Versatility

Although the single disc floor machine was developed as a tile floor cleaning machine; it is much more and provides the operator with many cleaning options as a multi-functional floor cleaning machine. The following is a list of the most common functions of this tile floor cleaning machine.

  1. Tile Floor Cleaning
    • Scrub Cleaning – Uses Floor Pads or Brushes
    • Strips Floor Finish/Wax – Uses Floor Pads or Brushes
    • Ceramic and Grout Cleaning – Uses Brushes
    • Buffs Floors – Spray and Dry Buffs Uses – Floor Pads
  2. Carpet Cleaning
    • Bonnet Pad Cleaning – Uses Bonnet Pads
    • Dry Foam Cleaning – Uses Brushes
    • Shampoo Cleaning – Uses Brushes
  3. Wood Floor Project Work
    • Sanding Wood Floors – Uses Screen Disc or Sandpaper


Tile Floor Cleaning Machines – Commercial


Tile Floor Cleaning Machines – Power Source & Basic Function on How it Works

  • Single Disc Floor Machines 
    • Powered: Electric Plug
    • Basic Function: Operated by a small electric motor to scrub and polish tile and carpet floors, ranging in diameter sizes from 13” to 24”. There are other sizes but these are the most common sizes. This equipment lays flat on the floor using a circular scrubbing action that employs the use of a floor pad or brush to clean the floor. The floor cleaner chemical must be applied by some sort of manual mop and bucket method.

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