The automatic scrubber is perhaps the most important piece of tile floor cleaning machine a commercial facility can have in their inventory of equipment. The reasons are wide but the purpose of this article is provide the main reasons way this type of tile floor cleaning machine is critical for cleaning large floor areas as in commercial accounts. The article will also outline the types of power sources and the sizes of this critical tile floor cleaning machine.

In recent years, smaller is becoming better for some commercial end users regarding automatic scrubbers. For years there was a void or gap in the sizes and widths of automatic scrubbers. Smaller commercial end-user facilities such as small box retailers, day time cleaning, etc. have driven the cleaning machine industry to develop smaller automatic scrubbers.

One of the most important reasons commercial accounts as well as floor cleaning services is the fact that it reduces the labor when cleaning tile floors. This fact alone makes this type of tile floor cleaning machine the most important floor cleaning equipment to use for commercial facilities. Labor happens to such a critical cost of the maintenance budget and the use of tile floor cleaning equipment that reduces labor provides commercial accounts with the following.

  • Controls overall cost of maintenance where labor for floor cleaning accounts for up to 95% of the overall maintenance budget
  • Increases productivity of floor cleaning labor
  • Improves the appearance of the floors of the facility


Tile Floor Cleaning Machine – Automatic Scrubbers – Critical Floor Cleaning


  • They can be used for daily cleaning and deep cleaning
  • Depending on the size of the automatic scrubber, they can be used in restrooms, entrance ways, lobbies and vestibules, etc.
  • The machines are relatively quiet since they use either AC/DC electrical power or operated by batteries. So day time cleaning can be performed. Day time cleaning saves energy and is a greener approach to cleaning tile floors
  • Dual Power Sources make it versatile. Models come in both or either AC/DC Electrical or Battery power
  • Versatility for different types of flooring such as tile, ceramic, vinyl, wood, stone, concrete floors, etc.
  • Cleaning Function versatility includes Daily & Deep Cleaning – Uses Floor Pads or Brushes, Strips Floor Finish/Wax – Uses Floor Pads or Brushes, Ceramic and Grout Cleaning – Uses Brushes, etc.
  • Controls or reduces labor and increases productivity


Tile Floor Cleaning Machine – Sizes


Powered: AC/DC Electric Plug or Battery

Sizes in Width: Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber – 15” to 36”; Ride on Automatic Scrubbers – 28” to 48”

Solution Tank Sizes: Varies based on width size and specific cleaning tasks such as small automatic scrubbers for confined spaces.


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