In this article, we will be covering tile floor cleaning in a residential home. The procedures are similar to a commercial building but without the use of power equipment. It is not that a homeowner could not use power equipment for tile floor cleaning; it is the cost that is prohibited. However there is some less expensive alternative power floor cleaning equipment that is designed for home use that will assist in the cleaning process such as a steam floor mop.

For the purposes of this discussion, the word “Tile” will cover the daily or routine cleaning of resilient tile floors that have been sealed or coated with a floor finish, wax or polish such as Vinyl Composition (VCT), Vinyl, Rubber, No-Wax, and Asphalt Tile. All of these types of tile can be considered the same for daily cleaning of the floor.

Tile floor cleaning is simple and easy as the following information will convey. As stated earlier, this discussion is on tile floor cleaning for residential homes. Commercials cleaning of tile floors has been discussed in a prior article, click on the following link to review commercial tile floor cleaning (Cleaning Tile Floors – Floor Finish Coated Tile Procedures, Product and Tools – Commercial).

The following are the step by step procedures with the products and tools necessary to get excellent results for residential home tile floor cleaning.

Generally speaking, residence tile floor cleaning can be completed daily but maybe impractical. With that said, a residence’s tile floors should be cleaned at least weekly and more often depending on soil conditions of the floor.


Tile Floor Cleaning – Daily or Routine, Weekly or as Needed Tile Floor Cleaning Procedures


Tile Floor Cleaning – Procedures

  1. Prepare a bucket with cool water and floor cleaner, diluted according to the label directions. A Neutral cleaner is preferred.Note: Can also use a consumer mopping system like a sponge mop or Swiffer (P&G) type mop system or steam mop system from Haan Steam Mops
  2. Dust mop or sweep entire floor area of loose debris and remove adhered debris such as gum, candy, etc. with a putty knife.
  3. Damp mop or wet mop the floor area with the mop until the floor area is covered. Hint: Always start in the furthest corner of the room being cleaned and work toward the opening of the room. This will prevent the person cleaning from being trapped in a room until the floor is dry.
  4. Allow floor to dry; if any residue is left on the floor, rinse with clear water and a clean wet mop.

Note: Even in a Residential situation, always use precautions when wet cleaning a floor. Wet floors are slippery and precautions should be taken to prevent accidental slip and falls. Keep foot traffic off the cleaned floors until they are completely dry. Wet floor signs are impractical for a residence.


Tile Floor Cleaning – Daily or Routine Tile Floor Cleaning – Products, Equipment and Tools


Tile Floor Cleaning – Products, Tools & Equipment Required

  • Floor Cleaner (Neutral Based Cleaner Preferred)
  • Putty knife or scraper
  • Dust mop (untreated), Broom or Microfiber Mop (preferred)
  • Dust Pan
  • Bucket and wringer (Microfiber Mop System is preferred)
  • Clean wet mop (pre-laundered cotton or cotton blend preferred)
  • Personal Protection Equipment (Refer to Product Label) such as rubber gloves, goggles, etc.


Tile Floor Cleaning – Helpful Additional Reference Websites


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