As outlined in prior articles on slate floor cleaning, slate floors are incredibly beautiful. Slate is a stone floor that is quarried from the Earth and cut into slabs of various thicknesses. It is processed further into tiles. Slate floor cleaning is easy and simple. Cleaning will depend on whether the slate floor has been sealed with a coating like a floor finish or wax. If that’s the case, simply clean the floor on as you would with any other floor that has been coated with a floor finish or wax.

For the purposes of this article we will be discussing slate floor cleaning as part of deep cleaning procedure on slate floors that do not a floor finish or wax on the floor. No matter how well or effective you clean a floor including a slate floor; eventually there will be a buildup of ground in soil that has penetrated the pores of the slate floor. When this happens a deep cleaning will need to be performed to bring the slate floor back to level of cleanliness that is acceptable. We will address the deep cleaning steps for deep slate floor cleaning, products to use to deliver superior results.

There are two basic types of slate floors; smooth and rough surfaces. Rough surface slate floors can make it slightly more difficult because rough surface slate is what commonly called split slate. In the manufacturing process, a slab of slate is actually split. This creates an interesting and beautiful looking floor but also creates a more difficult surface to clean because it is irregularly shaped and uneven where soil can get deeply imbedded into the uneven shape of the floor surface. We will address what to products to use for cleaning both smooth and split slate floors.


Slate Floor Cleaning – Deep Cleaning Procedures


Slate Floor Cleaning – Products, Tools, Equipment and Supplies


  • Perform heavy cleaning using the following tools and cleaners.
  • Swing machine
  • Split or Rough Surface: Flo-Pac scrub grit brush (make sure the proper clutch for your swing machine is included on the scrub grit brush)
  • Smooth Surface: The “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Pad from Unichem Marketing, Inc.
  • Wet dry vacuum
  • Split or Rough Surface: Flo-Pac scrub grit doodle bug with handle
  • Smooth Surface: The That’s Amazing” Utility Cleaning Pad from Unichem Marketing and Doodle Bug Holder with handle
  • Professional Grade Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser like Diversey Suma Break-Up Degreaser
  • Neutralizing solution
  • 3 wet mops
  • 3 mop buckets
  • Optional Power Equipment: Automatic Scrubber ( Replace the Swing Floor Machine with the Automatic Scrubber in the cleaning steps below)


Slate Floor Cleaning – Heavy Deep Cleaning Procedures


  1. In one mop bucket mix Cleaner Degreaser with water according to label directions (mop bucket #1).
  2. Flood mop floor with Cleaner Degreaser (clean approximately 50 square foot section at a time).
  3. Work Cleaner Degreaser onto floor and grout using swing machine and Flo-Pac scrub grit brushes for Rough Surface Slate floors or use the “That’s Amazing Floor Cleaning Pad for Smooth Surface Slate Floors, making 3-4 passes in each area is in most cases sufficient.
  4. Using wet dry vacuum pick up Cleaner Degreaser solution.
  5. Flood rinse floor with cool clean water (bucket and mop #2).
  6. Using wet dry vacuum pick up rinse water.
  7. Flood rinse floor with neutralizing solution (bucket and mop #3).
  8. Using wet dry vacuum pick up neutralizing solution.
  9. Allow the floor to dry before allowing foot traffic on the floor.


Slate Floor Cleaning – Website Information


Diversey, Inc. – Suma Break-Up Degreaser

Carlisle Sanitary Maintenance Products – Flo-Pac Brushes

Unichem Marketing, Inc. – The Miracle Pads

Contact Information: 708-296-7408;

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