The purpose and goal of this article is to outline the step by step procedures for shower floor cleaning. Shower floor cleaning can be a difficult task because of the various soils found on a shower floor which includes, organic and non-organic soils including body oils, soaps, grime, etc. but it does not have to be if you keep up with regular and routine cleaning and use the proper cleaning tolls, cleaning product and the process.


The shower floors we are addressing today in this article are all types including…

  • Ceramic
  • Slate
  • Terrazzo
  • Quarry
  • Stone,
  • Fiberglass
  • Porcelain
  • Marble


So, there is nothing tough or difficult about the routine shower floor cleaning if you follow the simple cleaning steps in this article which will produce great results.


But before we start with the procedures for shower floor cleaning, we want to introduce to our readers a new exciting new product that has it the market and would like to share with you.


Shower Floor Cleaning – NEW PRODUCT


It is not the purpose of this website to promote any particular product but sometimes a discovery of new product, procedure or system is so good, it has to be explained to make everyone aware of it because it revolutionizes the process and the cleaning results. The following product does just that for cleaning ceramic floors and grout lines and thereby needs to be discussed. So it stand to reason that it will clean ceramic shower floors but it also will clean fiberglass shower floors, terrazzo shower floors and porcelain shower floors.


The Product: A laminated fiber and open cell foam pad that when used with any quality cleaning agent, effectively cleans so deep into the pores of the shower floor surface. The Pads come in a variety of sizes but for shower floor cleaning would be the hand sponge pad with approximate size of 2.75” by 4.25”.


The “That’s Amazing” Cleaning pad is a commercial grade hand sponge pad and is considerably less expensive than other similar type pads on the market.


For additional information on this new pad contact Unichem Marketing, Inc. at 708-296-7408


Shower Floor Cleaning – Step By Step Daily Cleaning Procedures – Residential


Tip: clean the rest of the shower stall including the walls, fixtures and ceiling prior to performing the shower floor cleaning.


  1. Mix Shower Cleaner according to label directions with water or use straight if the shower cleaner is a ready to use product like Scrubbing Bubbles.
  2. Liberally apply the cleaner to the shower floor and allow some time to swell on the shower floor. Shower floor cleaning will be easier if you allow the cleaner some time to sit on the floor prior to scrubbing it; 3 to 5 minutes should be adequate dwell time.
  3. Using the”That’s Amazing” Cleaning pad or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, scrub the shower floor until clean. The key to making shower floor cleaning fast and easy is the combination of the cleaner and the Hand Sponge pad. These types of pads do an excellent job of grabbing the soil including deep ground in soil from the floor.
  4. Rinse the shower floor with clear water and inspect floor after it has dried. If any residue is present, repeat rinsing step by rinsing with water.


Equipment, Tool and Chemical List


  • New innovative “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Hand Sponge Pad from Unichem Marketing or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • Quality Grade Shower or Bathroom Cleaner
  • Water



Shower Floor Cleaning – Reference Information


Unichem Marketing – “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Hand Sponge Pad

Contact Information: 708-296-7408;

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


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