Residential floor cleaning has for the last several years has been in a transition stage from traditional mop and buckets or sponge mops to Microfiber floor cleaning mop systems. These microfiber floor mopping systems which are designed for residential homeowner use were designed for dry and wet cleaning floors.


Floor cleaning mops for the home is an interesting discussion because for homeowners the decision on what kind of floor cleaning method to select can be confusing because of the many choices in mopping tools.


The goal of this article is address how microfiber floor cleaning mops what is and how it works. But more specifically to address the benefits of the Lysol Clean Flip Sweeper floor mop system which is the topic title of this article.


The Lysol floor cleaning concentrate is part of the Lysol Clean Flip Sweeper system. We will also cover the cleaning aspects of the Lysol floor cleaning concentrate. With all residential microfiber floor cleaning mop systems, most of them include dry cleaning and wet cleaning with the same basic tools but using a different pad to accomplish these two different cleaning tasks.


Dry cleaning is commonly known as dust mops which remove the loose soils such as sand, grit, debris from the floor and is the first step in floor cleaning. Dry cleaning or dust mopping is done prior to performing wet cleaning the floor.


The second type of floor cleaning mops are wet mopping and are used to wet clean the attached soils that are on the floor.



Lysol Floor Cleaning Concentrate – What Is It


The Lysol floor cleaning concentrate system is called Lysol Clean Flip Sweeper and employs a pad holder where the dry cleaning microfiber pad or the wet cleaning microfiber to the pad holder. The pad holder is attached to a long handle. The system uses dry microfiber cloth pads for dry cleaning (Dust Mopping) and pre-moistened with a ready to use cleaner wet cleaning pads


Lysol Floor Cleaning Concentrate – Lysol Clean Flip Mop System Benefits


There are basically three important benefits that the Lysol Clean Flip floor mopping system has that improve cleaning effectiveness and reduction in time to complete the floor cleaning task. All of these key benefits can be seen as a demonstration on the Website Link below under the benefits heading.


  1. Flips Up: The pad holder is designed to lay flat or the edge to flip upward so a portion of the pad is actually vertical to the floor. The importance of this feature is it allows the user to clean in tight areas in one pass. An example is cleaning the floor and baseboard at the same time with one pass of the mop.
  2. Larger Pad Surface: This feature of the size of the pad provides a 66% larger cleaning surface when the pad is not flipped up. Thus, allowing the homeowner to complete their floor cleaning task faster by 66%.
  3. Cleans and Sanitizes: The wet cleaning cloths use a sanitizing cleaner. The importance of this feature is that the homeowner gains the benefit of sanitizing the floor instead of just cleaning the floor. The thought here is to provide the home with a floor that is clean and more hygienic.


Lysol Floor Cleaning Concentrate – Reference Websites

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