This article’s purpose is to provide our visitors with cleaning tips for laminate floor cleaning. This includes not only basic cleaning procedure tips but also tips and hints to protect laminate floors from damage. Many tips for general floor cleaning also apply to laminate floor cleaning.

Laminate flooring has become extremely popular and as laminate flooring becomes even more popular than it already is, the need for laminate floor cleaning information will increase too. This website provides a variety of information on cleaning all floors and addresses many different aspects of cleaning.

But, if you were more interested in daily cleaning procedures for laminate floors, please see a prior article written on routine cleaning for residential laminate floors. (How to Clean Laminate Floors – Cleaning Procedures).


Laminate Flooring Cleaning – Cleaning Steps & Tips


  • Dry Cleaning: Most important Cleaning Step – The best tip for laminate floor cleaning is the use of a microfiber dust mop for dry cleaning the laminate floor. This dry cleaning step is the most important step because it removes dust and grit that can scratch the laminate floor. This grit and sand can prematurely degrade the laminate flooring. So, this step and doing it correctly is extremely important to the overall life cycle of the laminate floor.
  • Wet Cleaning: One Method will provide Superior Results  – The answer for residential home wet cleaning laminate floors is microfiber. When it comes to manual wet mopping using a microfiber flat mop system with a neutral rinse free cleaner using according to label directions outperforms standard mops or sponge mops.


Laminate Flooring Cleaning – Helpful Tips


  • Use matting at entrance ways to trap loose sand, grit and soils that prevent these soils from entering onto the laminate floor.
  • Use felt pads and plastic glides on furniture to protect the laminate floor from damage.
  • Use approved cleaners that are recommended by the laminate floor manufacturer. However, many laminate floor manufacturer’s recommend using common household products such as ammonia, vinegar and bleach. See the next section for further information on why we do not agree with using these types of products to clean laminate floors.


Laminate Flooring Cleaning – Household Cleaning Agents to Avoid


  • Vinegar: To not use Vinegar to clean floors. Vinegar is an acid and acid base cleaning agents do not do a good job of cleaning to remove acid soils which are the most common type of soil on floors.
  • Ammonia: Do not use ammonia. This is basically a waste of cleaning time because ammonia and water will not penetrate the soil and suspend it. Ammonia can be dangerous to use. Especially if misused or handled the wrong way.
  • Bleach: This is a harsh chemical that should not be used. It is dangerous and again like ammonia and water as a cleaning agent, without a surfactant to suspend soil, bleach and water will not deliver the best cleaning results.



Laminate Flooring Cleaning – Laminate Wood Floor Damage Repairs


Most laminate floor manufacturer has repair kits to repair slightly damaged floors such a scratches, dents, scrapes, etc. Always consult your laminate floor manufacturer’s website or authorized dealer/installer for additional information on these repair kits.


Laminate Flooring Cleaning – Helpful Websites

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