This article addresses the proper approach to laminate floor cleaning which will protect the Laminate flooring from damage. It is in commercial buildings where damage can most likely occur to laminate flooring. Laminate floors are strong and very durable making them a great choice in flooring for both residences and commercial locations but the amount of floor traffic and the use of power equipment to clean on a daily basis make the laminate flooring more susceptible to damage. We will specifically address and outline the way to clean laminate floors in a commercial environment that will reduce the risk of damage to the laminate flooring.  

Laminate Floor Cleaning – What Type of Damage

Laminate flooring in a commercial location can come from heavy foot traffic but aggressive cleaning procedures can damage the flooring from the using aggressive floor pads, high speed burnishing, harsh cleaners, excessive amounts of water/solution, etc. So, these situations and procedures should be avoided with laminate flooring. 

  • As an example, laminate flooring is usually installed by snapping lengths of the laminate in place on the floor; similar to installing wood flooring. An excessive amount of water and/or cleaning solution used to clean or strip the floor can seep between the planks and cause damage from underneath.
  • Another example would be using aggressive floor pads in the cleaning process. Over time, this will cause damage to the laminate flooring’s factory protective resin coating. Once, damaged, water and cleaning solution will penetrate from the top of the flooring to cause damage.


Laminate Floor Cleaning – Cleaning Steps To Minimize Risk of Damage


Laminate Floor Cleaning – Commercial


Set Up:

  1. In commercial applications, place Wet Floor Signs or Barricade area being cleaned with Caution Tape.
  2. If entrance matting is removable, unload soil from entrance matting. If not, utilize a dry vacuum procedure to remove the loose soil from the matting.

Dry Cleaning: Always the first step in any floor cleaning

  1. Dust mop the floor to remove all the loose debris such as sand, grit, dust, etc. Also use a flexible blunt plastic scraper to gently remove any soils that maybe caked up and adhered to the laminate floor such as gum, candy, stickers, labels, etc.
  2. Using a Microfiber flat mop system will produce the best results for the dust mopping procedure.
  3. After Dust mopping the entire floor area, discard by shaking mop into trash can.

    This procedure should be performed multiple times throughout the day but at least once daily in commercial sites.

Wet Cleaning: Try to use a manual damp cleaning method but if the area is large such as in an airport, retail store, mall, etc. the use of power equipment will be necessary.

  1. Manual Cleaning: Using a mop and bucket filled with cleaner solution, damp mop the entire laminate floor with a quality approved cleaner used according to label directions until. Use the least amount of cleaning solution to achieve satisfactory results.The use of a microfiber flat mop will assist in providing great cleaning results with a minimum amount of cleaning solution required. Microfiber damp mopping is the recommended manual cleaning procedure for laminate flooring to assist in preventing possible damage.
  2. Power Equipment Cleaning: When using power equipment on laminate floors be sure to apply the least amount of cleaning solution (water/cleaning product) on the floor.This is the key to preventing possible damage. So, have the automatic scrubber solution valve set on ¼ Open. Always use a single pass method. Meaning applying the cleaning solution, scrubbing and vacuuming up the solution in one single pass of the automatic scrubber with a white or red floor pads (Least aggressive).
    A floor finish/wax can be applied on laminate floors for added protection and beauty. But doing so will require the laminate floor to be stripped at some point in time. The laminate floor comes from the factory with a protective resin coat on the top layer and the stripping procedure to remove old floor finish/wax can cause damage to the laminates protective resin coating.Frequency: The frequency will depend on soil conditions but daily is recommended in commercial facilities.


Laminate Floor Cleaning – Review and Consult Warranty 

 It is a best practice to always consult and refer to the Laminate flooring manufacturer’s warranty for cleaning procedures and recommendations. Do so, will assist in not voiding the warranty.

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