Information on Products &Techniques for Floor Cleaning

We provide all of the latest information on the best products, machines and techniques for cleaning all types of flooring.  Learn how to care for Hardwoods, Laminates, Ceramics and more.  We keep up to date information and are constantly working hard to provide tips and tools that the professionals use.  Whether you’re maintaining residential or commercial flooring, we can help!

Nobody really wants to clean. But in order to maintain the original quality and form of the items in our home, regular cleaning is required.  Here you can find the information you need for the proper care of any type of flooring.

Cleaning Floors:

Technology has certainly made it easier for us to handle the cleaning tasks that we have in our everyday life. However, when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, no technology can replace the glory of manual cleaning.

Character and elegance are the main reasons why homeowners choose to install hardwood floors in their house. If you are interested in hardwood flooring, you also have to know the proper ways to clean it to maintain its elegance.

Wood is a beautiful, natural and stylish decorating material. This material is also highly susceptible to damages such as scratches and accumulated dirt. We may be under the impression that we are cleaning hardwood floors surface but in reality, we neglect to check the gaps and cracks of the wooden flooring. Here are some ways that you can properly clean your hardwood flooring:

1. Aside from sweeping the wooden floor, use a fine brush to remove the dust and small pebbles that are stuck between the cracks and gaps of the floor. This requires extra effort because you have to check every possible gap or crack.

2. Avoid over using cleaning agents to prevent subsequent damage to the wood. Mildew is the primary cause of damage on the wood. However, over usage of harsh chemicals that eliminates mildew can also become the source of the wood’s degradation. Take it easy on applying cleaning agents because it can deteriorate the wood as well.

3. For finished hardwood, it is strongly suggested that you use an 8″x14″ mop with a rotating head so that cleaning hard to reach corners becomes an easy task. For heel marks, use only damp cloth to avoid damaging the finish of the hardwood floor.

As a matter of fact, cleaning hardwood floors is very easy if done correctly. All you need is caring, consistent and correct maintenance to prevent any damage from happening. Cleaning is one way of avoiding the costly repairs and maintenance of the flooring. Besides, cleaning is a virtue that every member of the family should learn. Preserving the value and appearance of the floor is something that can be achieved if the whole family cooperates.