This is an interesting topic for information. When it comes to the term industrial floor cleaning machine, the first thought is floor cleaning of large square footage areas of concrete floors. There are many questions that stem from this thought and the goal of this article is to provide our visitors with information on the best machines to clean industrial floors. We can sum up the best way with one type of automatic scrubber, Ride on Scrubbers and/or Ride On Sweepers.


There are two choice large industrial buildings or facilities have to make when it comes to cleaning these large expansive floor areas.

  • How to Keep the floors clean from loose debris and dust
  • How to clean attached soils from the floor such as grease, soil, dirt, oil, etc.

There are several questions to ask to determine if your industrial facility requires a ride on scrubber or ride on sweeper or a standard walk behind scrubber. All industrial floors require cleaning and most of them require strong heavy-duty scrubbing equipment to handle the heavy-duty soils that need to be cleaned from an industrial floor. So with this said, it is important that a complete and comprehensive review be made including testing to determine of the floor scrubber will stand up to your soil load of your facility. Sometimes, the cheapest price is not the best choice. This is especially true in an industrial setting.


Large industrial buildings such a heavy manufacturing plants will require both a ride on sweeper and a ride on scrubber. What is great about the sweeper is it can be performed multiple times during throughout the work shift. Doing so will keep dust and loose debris from entering the air and provide a better indoor air quality to the manufacturing plant or industrial building.


Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine – Determining What Size to Buy


Labor Cost:

The cost of labor is always a key consideration for a commercial or industrial business. So you will want to purchase a ride On Scrubber or Sweeper that has the largest cleaning width that can make it through the smallest main aisles or work pathways. The larger than clean profile width of the machine the faster the floor cleaning will be completed and thereby reduce, control or save labor cost.


Other Considerations:

Other considerations also include the following when determining which Ride On Scrubber or Sweeper to purchase.

  • What power source should be used; Battery or Propane. Propane allows the user to have a limitless run time to clean. However today’s industrial batteries have extremely long run times before requiring charging.
  • Versatility for different types of flooring such as tile, ceramic, vinyl, wood, stone, concrete floors, etc.
  • Size of the commercial or industrial facility being cleaned. It may require that multiple industrial floor cleaning machines are required to accomplish the cleaning task.
  • Warranties and service as well as parts availability are also important in the decision-making process.
  • Budget considerations need to be considered. So price, volume discounts, credit terms, and Leasing Programs need to be investigated before finalizing the decision.


Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine – Global Brand Manufacturers


The following lists are both known for quality, leaders in the industrial floor cleaning Ride On Scrubber manufacturers.

  • Advance Nilfisk Machines (Several Brand Names)
  • American Minuteman Machines
  • Taski Machines
  • Tennant Machines (Several brand Names)


Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine – Reference Websites

Taski Machines

Advance Nilfisk Machines

Tennant Machines

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