The goal of this article is to provide our industrial and commercial readers with a discussion on industrial sweepers. This is a unique topic because when you think of industrial floor cleaning equipment most people automatically think of floor scrubbing machines. However, there is another totally class of industrial floor cleaning equipment out there that are strictly sweeping machines.


Like any industrial setting whether it be a factory or warehouse such as a distribution center, these floors have to be cleaned and in the case of warehouses and distribution centers most of the floors do not receive a heavy amount of greasy soils but nevertheless they still need to be cleaned and a sweeper in many instances is the right piece of industrial floor cleaning equipment to for the facility.


Industrial sweepers do exactly what their reference name is; they sweep up loose debris including dust, small loose particles and even fairly large loose particles such as wood chips, metal shavings, concrete dust, plastic pieces, etc. Of course like any industrial floor cleaning process, there are things to consider when using or purchasing an industrial floor cleaning equipment like an industrial sweeper. We will discuss these considerations in the article.


There are basically two simple choices to make when selecting an industrial floor sweeper. They are whether to purchase or lease a ride on or a walk behind sweeper. This will depend on the size of the facility you are trying to sweep. S\remember that sometimes, the cheapest price is not the best choice. This is especially true in an industrial setting.


With this being said, there are a few questions that will further determine the type of sweeper needed for your facility including the width and power source. All industrial sweepers are made to withstand the vigorous and heavy-duty use of removing loose debris and soils form a factory or industrial operation. With the promotion of good indoor air quality which becoming an important part of providing employees with a safer and environmentally friendly place to work, a quality sweeper is important and an additional consideration when making a decision on which brand and size sweeper is right for your operation.


Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment – Sweeper Selection Considerations


  • The power source of the sweeper is ca critical determination when selecting a sweeper. There are two basic power sources for sweepers – Battery or Propane. Propane allows the user to have a limitless run time to clean but emit exhaust fumes which counteracts the facility’s goal of improving indoor air quality. Industrial batteries have long run times before requiring charging and batteries improve the indoor air quality of the facility. Regarding noise pollution, propane powered sweepers have much higher decibel levels making them louder than battery operated sweepers.
  • Labor cost is an important consideration. Since labor is most likely the largest expense for any operations, a facility will want to maximize the productivity of the employee cleaning the floor. So, a largest width sweeper would provide the maximum amount of productivity and thereby reducing or controlling labor cost.
  • Size of the commercial or industrial facility being cleaned. It may require that multiple industrial floor cleaning machines are required to accomplish the cleaning task.
  • Warranties and service as well as parts availability are also important in the decision-making process.
  • Budget considerations need to be considered. So price, volume discounts, credit terms, and Leasing Programs need to be investigated before finalizing the decision.


Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment – Global Brand Manufacturers


The following lists are both known for quality, leaders in the industrial floor cleaning Ride On Scrubber manufacturers


  • Advance Nilfisk Machines
  • American Minuteman Machines
  • Factory Cat Sweepers
  • Tennant Machines


Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment – Reference Websites

Factory Cat Sweepers

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