The title of this article says it all. We will be discussing several of the most popular types of hardwood floor cleaning machines for residential homes. There are several different types of hardwood floors cleaning machines with each them being used successfully to clean. One is not necessarily a better type of machine than another. It depends on your budget and what your personal preference is relative to cleaning. With this being stated there are some advantages to Steam Mop systems because they perform well and immediately leave the hardwood floor dry after the cleaning procedure is completed.

It is important to remember that when cleaning hardwood floors, only clean them with water or steam if they have previously sealed and protected with a finish. Failure to follow this recommendation could lead to damage to the wood flooring itself. Always use as little water or cleaning solution as possible to accomplish the cleaning process on wood floors, even if they are sealed.

For step by step procedures for traditional cleaning of wood floors please visit a prior article on procedure cleaning of hardwood floors (How to Clean Hardwood Floors – Simple Regular Cleaning).


Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines – Residential

  1. Steam Mops: These machines are catching on popularity in the residential market at a fast pace. These units clean through a steam application utilizing a microfiber cloth mop pad to add to the cleaning efficiency and the drying process. They clean very well and because of the steam used in the cleaning process also have some sanitizing benefits. They are relatively inexpensive and will pay for themselves quickly. Some of the most popular brands of steam mops are Haan, Oreck and Bissell.
  2. Manual Microfiber Mops: This is more of a tool than a machine but nevertheless they are an inexpensive way to clean hardwood floors. They perform well, are easy to use and require no training to use. These systems include the most recognizable brand, Swiffer Mop. As discussed earlier in this article, water is the worst thing for hardwood floors. Manual Microfiber mop systems clean with less water and cleaner, therefore making them an excellent choice for the homeowner when cleaning hardwood floors.
  3. Electric Scrubbers: These machines have been around for decades and are still available to the homeowner for cleaning wood as well as all types of floors. They require electricity to run the machine and usually have one or two brushes that scrubber the floor mechanically after the cleaning solution has been applied to the floor manually, usually by mop and bucket. With this system, extreme caution is needed NOT to over wet the wood floor with cleaning solution. Remember that water and cleaning solution when overused can create problems for the wood floor.Oreck is perhaps the most recognizable name in residential electric floor scrubbers. There are smaller commercial floor scrubbing machines are available in 10 inch to 13 inch diameter sizes. Since they are commercial grade machines, they perform very well but are also more expensive than other residential machines in the marketplace.


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