The residential marketplace has a tremendous amount of choices in hardwood floor cleaning machines. The purpose of this discussion is to provide our readers with the different types of hardwood floor cleaning machines available to purchase. In recent years many of the manufacturers of floor cleaning machines have been able through refined engineering develop floor cleaning machines for the homeowner that are dramatically more affordable than in the past.

We will outline the types and also provide website links to some of the more popular models and types of hardwood floor cleaning machines discussed in this article. These machines are designed to be used for routine or daily cleaning of hardwood floors.  It is important when making a decision to purchase a floor cleaning machine to remember that any cleaning machine used on hardwood floors must be only used on SEALED Hardwood floors. The seal is usually a polyurethane base and is used as a protective coating to prevent damage from water and scratches to the wood. Never use any hardwood floor cleaning machine on an unsealed wood floor.

Even though these hardwood floor cleaning machines have become more affordable, they may still be out of range for some homeowners and using a manual cleaning method for hardwood floors works just fine. The real advantage of using a hardwood floor cleaning machine is it saves the homeowner time and reduces fatigue.

If you have read other articles on our keeping floors clean website, by now you know the importance of the 4 principles of cleaning which are…

  1. Time
  2. Temperature
  3. Chemical
  4. Agitation

Hardwood floor cleaning machines basically provide at least one or more of the Temperature, Chemical and Agitation principles. Regarding routine or daily cleaning of hardwood floors, these three principles are the most important to delivering quality results when cleaning floors.


Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine – Residential Types


  • Single Disc Floor Machines: Electric Plug Powered equipment. Most of these machines use an electric motor to operate a pad driver installed on the bottom of the machine. Either brushes or floor cleaning pads are installed. The brushes or pads provide the agitation while the motor provides a circular motion. The cleaning solution is applied to the floor manually. Oreck, Hoover and Pullman-Holt are some of the more common and most popular of these types of hardwood floor cleaning machines.
  • Automatic Scrubbers: Most are operated by Electric Plug Powered.  
    This equipment combines to include several steps in one operation.

    1. Application of the cleaning solution
    2. The agitation principle utilizing either pads or brushes
    3. Pick up of the cleaning solution

Note: This equipment speeds up the cleaning process and reduces fatigue because the machine is doing the work instead of manually doing the floor cleaning. Hoover is the one of the most popular of these types of hardwood floor cleaning machines.

  • Steam Cleaning Machines: They are Electric plug powered. They are known a steam mops and have become popular recently because they are versatile and provide steam and a microfiber pad system to clean hardwood floors. Some manufacturers’ models also sanitize the floors as they clean. They provide principle number 4 – Temperature to clean the floor instead of agitation. They are lightweight, relatively inexpensive and built for the soil levels found in the residential market. Haan, Bissell and Oreck are most common and popular home floor cleaning  machines 


Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine – Reference Websites


Hoover Automatic Scrubber

Oreck Single Disc Floor Machine

Haan Steam Mops

Bissell Steam Mops

Pullman-Holt Single Disc Floor Machine

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