This article will discuss how to reduce and control common and not so common traffic damage when it comes to hardwood floor clean. This topic always begs the question of how to reduce damage to hardwood floors. This question comes form both the commercial end-user and the residential homeowner.


Additionally, this article will also inform our readers on how to repair damages and prevent them, especially when it comes to water damage. The most important thing to make sure whether the hardwood floor is in a home or a gymnasium at a school, the hardwood floor needs to be finished with the proper sealer and maintained with finish on a regular basis, especially when showing wear. This is more important and true for hardwood floors in commercial buildings.


If you were more interested in specific cleaning procedures for hardwood floor cleaning, please click on the following link, (How to Clean Hardwood Floors – Simple Regular Cleaning ).


Hardwood Floor Clean – Reduce and Control Damage


The following will allow our readers to remove slight damages, mars and flaws in the hardwood floor caused by foot traffic and excessive use of water when cleaning or not keeping water off the floor during inclement weather. It is a good idea to check with the manufacturer of the hardwood floor to make sure that the following recommendations will not void any warranties.


  • Minor Scratches:Minor scratches are repairable and can be corrected by burnishing the floor with a high-speed floor buffing machine. Our readers can also recoat the hardwood floor with a quality hardwood floor finish. This second option is the best way to repair minor scratches but is also the most costly, so we recommend burnishing the hardwood floor before resorting to recoating. 
    Recoating Helpful Hint:
    To insure proper recoating of hardwood floors, we recommend using a professional contractor to prepare and apply the hardwood floor finish.
  • Black & Scuff Marks: To remove marks caused by shoes and equipment by using a tennis ball to rub out the marks. They will come out easy with a tennis ball. If you have a large area with marks, attach the tennis ball on a mop or broom handle and rub the marks out. This method will allow the person cleaning the hardwood floor to stand up while rubbing the marks out.
  • Water Damage:Never use excessive water to clean sealed hardwood floors. Water should never be used to clean unsealed hardwood floors. So with this in mind, only clean sealed hardwood floors with a damp mopping technique which uses very little water and cleaning solution or if using an automatic scrubber to clean the hardwood floor, have the cleaning solution valve open at its lowest setting.Always remove any excessive or standing water caused by spills or inclement weather immediately. Entrance floor matting will also assist in keeping water off the wood floor during bad weather conditions.
  • White Marks:  White marks can be removed by using a white polishing pad to rub out the marks



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