There are a considerable amount of choices when it comes to hard floor cleaning machines. The goal of this article is focused on making our residential homeowner viewers aware of a hard floor cleaning machine that performs extremely well for cleaning hard floors in a home. The hard floor cleaning machine we are referring to is a Steam Floor Mop.


When you consider the amount of money that is spent on a variety of cleaning products each year by the homeowner, the selection of purchasing a steam floor mop can save our homeowner viewers a lot of money each year. So making the decision to purchase this hard floor cleaning machine will pay for itself in less than two years. There are many brands and models to select including models that also sanitize the floors. This is especially important to those homeowners with children.


Additionally we will also address in this article several points of interest regarding steam floor mops.


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Hard Floor Cleaning Machines – Steam Floor Mops Points of Interest


  • Do Steam Floor Mops work in a residential home?

    Yes they do work and work producing positive cleaning results.
  • What Type of Hard Floors do Steam Floor Mops Clean?

    They clean all hard floors including sealed wood floors. This makes them a very viable choice in floor cleaning tools.
  • Do Steam Floor Mops require using a cleaning agent like a floor cleaner?

    No, they do not require using a floor cleaner, making the use of a steam floor mop an economical why of cleaning that saves the homeowner money throughout the year from not having to purchase floor cleaners.
  • Are Steam Floor Mops Green?

    Steam floor mops only require the use of water to generate a steam to clean, it makes this hard floor cleaning machine a green product that is better for the environment because they do not use a floor cleaner. One other thing to consider on the Green issue is that steam floor mops use very little water to generate the steam that is used to clean the floor, making its use as a floor cleaner even better of the environment because it reduces the amount of water to clean the floors.
  • How do they work?
    They use a heating element that is powered by AC/DC electrical power from a standard wall outlet to convert water to steam which is applied to the floor through a microfiber pad. The combination of the steam and the microfiber pad is what delivers the positive cleaning results.


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