The topic of hard floor cleaning for commercial facilities has been a question for many years. Commercial facilities are constantly trying to find ways to cut or control expenses. However, hard floor cleaning on a daily basis is not an option. It is necessity for keeping hard floors looking great. If appearance is paramount to a commercial facility than daily cleaning of hard floors is critical to maintaining them at a level that meets the facility’s maintenance program objectives.

There are several ways to perform hard floor cleaning. The following are the most common methods for hard floor cleaning for commercial facilities.

  • Automatic Scrubber – Machine cleaning method that uses pads to clean the entire floor
  • Damp mopping – Manual cleaning method with a mop and bucket that cleans the entire floor
  • Spot Mopping – Manual cleaning method with a mop and bucket that cleans only the dirty spots of the floor

As stated in prior articles, a great looking floor always starts with proper cleaning and is true for both commercial. We will cover Commercial hard floor cleaning and answer the question which is a better method of floor cleaning spot mopping or damp mopping. With this said, we will also address the above three hard floor cleaning methods and what the advantages and disadvantages of each method. But with this said, we will be addressing only spot mopping and damp mopping because automatic scrubbing a commercial floor is the best method of cleaning. However there are commercial facilities that do not have the budget or the floor space that requires cleaning which require the use of an automatic scrubber.

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Hard Floor Cleaning – Advantages & Disadvantages


Hard Floor Cleaning – Automatic Scrubber


  • Reduces labor over other manual mopping cleaning methods
  • Provides better results over other mopping cleaning methods
  • The better cleaning of an automatic scrubber reduces overall cost of the floor care program through extending the cycles between stripping and deep scrubbing over other mopping cleaning methods


  • Large Capital Expense
  • Requires the use of Scrub pads which is an additional expense
  • Maintenance and Service Expenses


Hard Floor Cleaning – Damp Mopping


  • Lower expense for wet mops and buckets than an automatic scrubber
  • Cleans well, if performed properly


  • Does not clean as well as an Automatic Scrubber
  • Increased labor as compared to an Automatic Scrubber


Hard Floor Cleaning – Spot Mopping


  • Reduced labor than Automatic Scrubbing or Damp Mopping
  • Lower expense for wet mops and buckets than an automatic Scrubber


  • Does not provide good cleaning
  • Increases overall cost of the floor care program because it will require an increase in periodic restoration cleaning of Stripping and Deep Cleaning processes


Hard Floor Cleaning – Best Cleaning Method – Damp or Spot Mopping?


Damp Mopping is the better Choice! After reading the basic advantages and disadvantages of the various cleaning methods and making the assumption that an Automatic scrubber is not in the equation but the only choice is to Spot Mop or Damp mop. The clear and correct decision when hard floor cleaning is to Damp Mop the floors.

Spot mopping does not provide and will never achieve positive cleaning results and restrain the commercial facility from achieving their cleaning program goals from an appearance standpoint. Damp mopping is a far better way of cleaning than spot mopping and assists in achieving appearance goals when an automatic scrubber is not feasible for a commercial facility.

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