Why have written about the Haan FS20 Steam Floor Sanitizer in prior articles that addressed how the system product works (Haan FS-20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop- How It Works). It has also been reviewed and the product does a good job and does everything it says it does. It is well built and a good way for the homeowner to clean their floors.  

The purpose of this article takes a look at the sanitizing aspect of the Haan FS20 Steam Floor Sanitizer including the green aspect of the product. With this being stated, not all Steam mops provide sanitizing during the cleaning process. So we recommend that you look into all the choices available in the marketplace if sanitizing your floors is an important feature when cleaning your floors. The Haan FS20 Steam floor Mop does sanitize the floor.        

When considering the long term use of the Haan FS-20 Floor Sanitizer makes the cost very reasonable.  The warranty is good and fairly standard. Haan recommends that unit is shipped back to Haan for repairs and service of the unit.       




Haan Fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop and Sanitizer – How it Sanitizes


FS-20 Steam coming from Head of Unit - Photo From Haan Website

Water is put into the Haan FS 20 reservoir and it is then plugged into a standard electrical wall socket. The unit heats the water in the unit to 212 degrees Fahrenheit creating a steam. The steam is then emitted through the mop head. The design of the machine and the mop head when combined with their double microfiber mop head delivers enough steam to sanitize the floor surface in 1 second of contact time. The water reservoir is large enough to hold enough water to generate steam for 20 minutes of continuous floor cleaning.         

 One second can be seem like a short period of time but actually when cleaning the floor, a 1 second of contact time with the floor surface is actually deceiving longer than what it may seem but if you want to sanitize the floor, slow down slightly in the cleaning process to insure the Haan FS-20 is making a 1 second contact time with the floor. It may seem slow at first but moving at 1.5 to 2 seconds per step walking in a straight line while cleaning, will insure the floor is sanitized and cleaned.  


Note: Like any cleaning procedure using either manual or power tools/equipment, do not leave the Haan FS-20 Steam Floor Sanitizer in one spot for a prolong period of time. Leaving the unit in one spot for too long, may have an adverse effect on the floor. This is especially true with hardwood flooring (Even if the wood floor is sealed). Always completely read and understand the operating manual before using the unit. However with that being said a 1 second contact time with the floor to sanitize is an acceptable amount of time and should not damage the floor.        


Haan Fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop and Sanitizer – Green Sanitizing & Cleaning 

FS-20 - View of steam from under the head - Photo from Haan Website

The Haan FS-20 Steam Floor Sanitizer performs floor cleaning without the use of Chemical Cleaning Products. This is not only desirable for the homeowner because of the cost elimination of cleaning chemicals but also desirable for the environment. That is what make the Haan FS-20 a sustainable product because it is good for the Earth and the cost savings on cleaning chemicals is good for the consumer. Making the Haan FS-20 Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer is a good choice in floor cleaning.        


Haan Fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop and Sanitizer – Sanitizing Fabric and Carpeting 

When using the optional “Sanitizing Tray” which attaches to the head of the unit; carpets, mattresses, pet beds, etc. can be steamed and sanitized.        


Haan Fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop and Sanitizer – Website 


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