This article addresses what is the Haan fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop (Floor Sanitizer), how it works and the surfaces it cleans. The Haan FS20 unit is designed for Residential use only. We normally do not endorse products but the Haan FS20 Steam cleaning floor mop does exactly what is says it does and is relatively inexpensive when considering the long term use of the fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop makes the cost very reasonable.  The warranty is good and fairly standard. Haan recommends that unit is shipped back to Haan for repairs and service of the unit.


Haan fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop – How it Works

It uses household electrical power to heat water that is added to the machine to a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. It releases steam through the head of the unit which also employs two patented microfiber pads to trap and remove the soil while killing germs, bacteria, allergens and dust mites leaving the floor completely dry. The unit generates enough steam to clean for 20 minutes.


Haan fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop – What it Cleans


Haan fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop – Hard Surface Floor

It cleans all SEALED hard surface flooring including laminate and hardwood floors. The key word here is “Sealed” because any wood floor that is unsealed should never have any water, water based cleaners or steam applied to the unsealed wood floor. So precaution should always be taken to insure that a wood floor is sealed prior to using steam or water of any kind on the wood flooring.

With that be said, the Haan FS20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop leaves sealed hard surfaces clean without the use of any cleaning agents and leaves the floor surface dry almost immediately.

Note: Like any cleaning procedure using either manual or power tools/equipment, do not leave the Haan fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop in one spot for a prolong period of time. Leaving the unit in one spot for too long of time, may have an adverse effect on the floor. This is especially true with hardwood flooring (Even if the wood floor is sealed). Always completely read and understand the operating manual before using the unit.


Haan fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop – Other Hard Surfaces

The unit also cleans and sanitizes other hard surfaces in other rooms of the home that can be cleaned with steam and/or water such as shower basins and other horizontal hard surfaces where the unit will fit. If using the optional “Short Handle”, the unit can clean and sanitize other surfaces such as countertops.


Haan fs20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop – Other Surfaces

When using the optional “Sanitizing Tray” which attaches to the head of the unit, carpets, mattresses, pet beds, etc. can be steamed and sanitized.


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