Almost all homes today have some form of flooring that has grout. Grout can be a difficult material to keep clean because it is extremely porous and is generally more porous than the floor tile itself. So what normally occurs, the ceramic or stone floor tiles are easier to keep clean and over time a soil build up has penetrated into the grout lines making it difficult to clean at this point.

However, there is a simple solution to preventing this problem by using grout cleaning products that provide superior cleaning results when performing routine or daily cleaning. We have discovered and have tested many grout cleaning products for daily cleaning in a residential environment and discovered that bleach based products provide very good cleaning of the tile flooring and also does a fine job on the grout but a higher concentrated alkaline base cleaner will provide superior cleaning results of the grout lines .

When used on a regular basis for routine cleaning, these types of grout cleaning products will keep the grout lines clean and prevent them from soil penetrating into the pores of the grout where eventually, a higher duty cleaning process would be required to restore the grout to its original appearance.

There is no need to use two different cleaning products, one for the floor and one for grout cleaning because high alkaline grout and tile cleaners will clean both the grout and floor tile at the same time.


Grout Cleaning – Routine Cleaning Process

  • Thoroughly sweep or dust mop the floors surface.
  • If using a high alkaline concentrated grout cleaner, mix with water according to label direction in a solution mop bucket and mop, lightly wet the floors surface (do not flood more than you can clean before the floor dry’s) or if using a ready to use grout cleaner in a spray bottle, spray the cleaner on the floor and grout lines according to label directions.

    1. Manual Stand Mopping: Manual mopping with a mop and bucket.
    2. Manual with Holder and Handle: Manually scrub the floor using a utility scrub brush, the “That’s Amazing” Utility Cleaning Pad attached to a doodlebug holder to scrub the grout and tile.
    3. Manual Hand Sponge: Manually scrub the grout and floor using the “That’s Amazing” Hand Sponge Pad until clean.
  • Do a final damp mop with clean cool water to ensure all dirty solution and rinse water is properly from the floors surface.
  • Let thoroughly dry before walking on your freshly cleaned floor.


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