If you a regular visitor to our website, you know that we have established a complete section on this website dedicated to green cleaning of floors. We have assigned a separate section on Green Cleaning because it is perhaps the fastest growing trend in the cleaning industry. So the interest level on green cleaning is garnishing greater interest from commercial and residential customers than ever before.

With that being stated, this discussion is dedicated to making commercial end users aware that green cleaning is different from traditional cleaning methods or cleaning procedures because to perform green cleaning correctly, it requires a holistic approach. Therefore, training of custodial staff members is critical to delivering a successful green cleaning program. Green cleaning of floors is only a part of a true green maintenance program but when facility managers move to a sustainable cleaning program, it must include a total approach to all cleaning of the facility and not only the floors and it must include a comprehensive training program designed and directed to green Cleaning.

As stated above, sustainable green cleaning is a holistic approach to cleaning. This means it that a green cleaner is only one part of the green cleaning process and green cleaning also includes…

  • The cleaning process
  • The cleaning procedures
  • The cleaning chemical
  • The machines used to clean
  • The cleaning tools used such cleaning cloths,
  • The frequency of performing the cleaning tasks
  • The cleaning chemical’s product packaging – Recycled Materials
  • The water and waste reduction, etc.
  • Day and time that cleaning is completed

To that end, the following is a list of several ideas of training tools and where to go for assistance with a commercial green cleaning training program.


Green Cleaning – Training Materials and Assistance

Custodial training on Green Cleaning should be a part of the maintenance program and should be updated and a continuous process for both new and existing employees. Educating the custodial staff will pay huge dividends not only in achieving Green Cleaning objectives but also for the overall successful performance of having a clean and hygienic commercial facility.


Green Cleaning – Materials

  1. Videos – Instructional Green Cleaning Processes, Products, Supplies, etc.
  2. Wall Charts – Green Cleaning “How To” and “Facility Layout”; Including color coding and icons
  3. Manuals
  4. On Line Green Cleaning Training and Certification for Custodial Staff
  5. Facility Green Cleaning Audits
  6. Webinars and Conference Calls
  7. Internal Website – Dedicated to Green Cleaning
  8. Facility Awareness Marketing Materials – Signage, Desk Cards, internal notification, etc.


Green Cleaning – Finding Assistance Training

  1. Green Certification Organizations – See websites below
  2. Cleaning Chemical Manufacturers
  3. Green Cleaning Training Consultants
  4. Floor Cleaning Machine Manufacturers
  5. Green Cleaning Trade Shows


Green Cleaning – Certification & Training Organization Websites


DCS Global Enterprise LP

Design for the Environment

U.S. Green Building Council


GREENGUARD Environmental Institute


Green Seal

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