The entire world is looking for ways to cleaning a safer way for the environment. It is more than the global warming validity discussion or anyone’s personal agenda. We have recognized that we are all stewards of the Earth and it is the responsibility of everyone and all corporations to leave this Earth in better ecological shape than when we were on it.


This brings us to the goal of this article which is to provide our readers with ways to clean green which addresses green cleaning products for both commercial buildings and residential homes. In this article which is one in a series based on green cleaning discusses green cleaning machines for the commercial market.


In particular, we will highlight commercial cleaning machines that are using various technologies to perform in a greener way and thus helping all components of the Earth in a sustainable way.


The article will provide information on green cleaning products, specifically cleaning machines that conserve water and reduces cleaning chemical consumption. These green cleaning machines provide sustainability to corporations with sustainable profits, sustainability to the Earth’s resources and a sustainable for all Earth’s inhabitants.


Now, with all this said it does not mean that we never suggest using non-green machines or cleaning products but when it makes sense from a cost standpoint while not use them.


Green Cleaning Products – Green Cleaning Water Conserving Machines


There are three cleaning machine manufacturers that we will discuss in this article. All three have every interesting ways to conserve on both water and cleaning chemicals or one of the other.


Green Cleaning Products – Water Saving Cleaning Machines


  1. Minuteman’s – AquaStop Brush System
  2. TASKI’s – CSD System
  3. Tennant’s – Ec-H2O System

Green Cleaning Products – How they Conserve Water and Chemicals

  • Minuteman AquaStop: This system employs the use of a special rubber skirt wrapped around the pad driver or brush. According to a study that was performed by the University of Illinois, this system has reduced water and chemical consumption by 20% while according to the study reduced on average by $31.55 per thousand square feet. Additionally there are labor savings from having to refill the scrubbers as often than machines without a water conservation system.
  • TASKI by Diversey CSD System: Controlled Solution Dosing (CSD) uses a wheel speed to automatic and accurately dispenses the proper amount of cleaning solution which is the combination of both cleaning chemicals and water. It adjusts the flow of cleaning solution from the scrubber no matter how fast or slow the operator is moving. This conserves and saves water and chemical consumption.
  • Tennant, Inc Ec-H2O System: Uses a system that electronically charges and according to Tennant, makes the water a better cleaning agent without the use of a cleaning chemical. So, based on this technology it reduces water consumption and eliminates the use of chemicals.


Green Cleaning Products – Final Thoughts


In this article, we have identified three green cleaning machines that reduce water and cleaning chemicals making them a green option for cleaning machines. With this said, we recommend that our commercial and residential readers should always test all cleaning products including green cleaning products before making a purchase. This will allow the buyer to confirm all the claims made by the product’s manufacturers. We have tested or have consulted with users of these three machines and from all accounts and tests; they have proven to reduce water and chemical usage.


Green Cleaning Products – Reference Websites

Minuteman International

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