What a great topic to discuss! This articles goal is to bring awareness of Green Cleaning to the homeowner. We will also cover consumer (on the shelf) green products and what to consider when selecting green floor cleaning products or for that matter any green cleaning product for use in your home. Additionally, this article will present the broader idea of what green cleaning is and what approach should be considered when selecting not only green cleaning products but the entire process, tools and supplies.

Green Cleaning is growing quickly because not only can it be successfully done in a home but it reduces energy consumption, reduces labor cost, reduces supply and product consumption and preserves the environment while saving the homeowner money. Later in this article is a list of websites to visit for additional information on products and green certification organizations for green cleaning consumer products.


Green Cleaning – Why is it a Growing Trend

Green Cleaning is a one aspect of a much larger topic of Green Living but the trend of Green Cleaning is growing rapidly because the homeowner is concerned about being a good steward of the Planet. The homeowner also recognizes that you cannot green clean without it being good for the total home. By this we mean that green cleaning is sustainable to the environment, the family and financially. It would make no sense for a homeowner to clean green if any of these factors had a negative impact on the home. Green Cleaning must be and is good for the house itself, safe for the family and easy on the pocketbook while also doing well for the Earth. It is for this reason that green cleaning is sustainable and growing at such a fast pace throughout the World.


Green Cleaning – A Holistic Approach for Successful Green Cleaning

Sustainable green cleaning is a holistic approach to cleaning. This means it that a green cleaner is only one part of the green cleaning process and green cleaning also includes…

  • The cleaning process
  • The cleaning procedures
  • The cleaning chemical
  • The machines used to clean
  • The cleaning tools used such cleaning cloths,
  • The frequency of performing the cleaning tasks
  • The cleaning chemical’s product packaging – Recycled Materials
  • The water and waste reduction, etc.

So, when considering a green cleaner, spend an extra moment to read the label and make sure that the claims being made that it is a green cleaner is true. Look at the packaging; is the packaging made up from a large percentage of post consumer recycled waste? Are the machines or tools you are using reducing water consumption and are they made from green materials? Are the cleaning and dust cloths made of microfiber and that provide better cleaning with less cleaning chemical? Etc.

It only takes a moment to find this out from the label or internet site for the products, tools and machines you use to clean.


Green Cleaning – Cleaning Products

The term Products when referring to Green Cleaning encompasses more than just chemical cleaning products. It also means the tools and machines used, supplies like cleaning cloths, mops, etc.

  1. Green Chemical Cleaning Products:  One important factor to consider when selecting a cleaning product is what are the ingredients and where did they come from. By this we mean do the ingredients in the cleaning agent come from all natural sources such as plant material. Be careful because there are plenty of natural materials out there that can do harm to the home, family and the Planet. So a good rule of thumb is to purchase national branded products that are recognized as quality companies.Again read the label. These sources of ingredients are normally safe to use around the family and home. Nature’s Source line of green cleaning products from SC Johnson, A Family Company uses ingredients derived from plants and 99% of the product is natural. Some green cleaning product lines like Green Works from Clorox, work with natural ingredient associations like National Products Association or alliances like The Sierra Club. They all try to achieve to be certified by Design for the Environment (Dfe), a United States Federal E.P.A. program.
  2. Green Steam Cleaning Floors: Steam mops are an interesting way to clean a home’s floors because they do not use any cleaning chemical to clean. They use steam and a microfiber pad to do the cleaning. This is a viable green cleaning option because of the elimination of cleaners and reduces water usage because it consumes less water to make steam than to clean with a mop. It makes it a hygienic way to clean and some of the steam mops on the market like Haan Steam Floor Mop Sanitizers actually sanitize the floors as they clean.
  3. Green Microfiber Cloths, Pads and Mops: Microfiber cleaning products are extremely effective as cleaners and are green because the microfiber material and design provides superior agitation during the cleaning process. Thus reducing consumption of both cleaning chemical and water.
  4. Green Sponges & Pads: The recent introduction of new Sponges and Pads like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and the “That’s Amazing” Hand Sponge from Unichem Marketing, Inc. provides powerful cleaning with little or no cleaning chemical. These new types of cleaning sponges clean almost everything on almost any surface including floors. These green pads provide positive cleaning results on ceramic and all stone floors as well as grout lines.


Green Cleaning – Green Products & Certification Organization – Websites


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