Garage floor cleaning is usually considered a difficult task when it comes to household chores. However, this article will provide our readers with another way of garage floor cleaning. It is a dry cleaning with a sweeping compound. When deciding to wet or dry clean a garage floor, the homeowner must decide if the garage floor is really soiled enough to require a wet cleaning with a heavy-duty cleaner degreaser and a lot of manual or machine scrubbing. For the most part, most residential home garage floors never get caked on grease or oil that requires a routine or regular wet cleaning.


So with that said, most homeowners want to keep their garage floors looking good and as clean as possible. That is when dry cleaning can do the job for the homeowner.


Whether the garage floor is sealed or unsealed concrete or if it is an old wood block garage floor, dry cleaning with a sweeping compound will produce great interim wet cleaning results and keep the garage floor free of dust, sand, grit and even lift some of the surface oil stains (but will not remove them completely when they are deeply embedded into the pores of the concrete). It will also gather up wet stains like grease and attach it to the sweeping compound which allows you to easily remove the wet soil with the use of wet cleaning.


The following describes how to use and what a sweeping compound is.


Garage Floor Cleaning – What is a Sweeping Compound


A sweeping compound is basically saw dust that has been treated with chemical additives. There are two basic types of sweeping compound.

  • Wax Based – Designed for tile floors such as VCT, rubber, asphalt, etc.
  • Oil based – Designed for wood, concrete, stone floors, etc.


The saw dust acts to control dust from becoming airborne during sweeping. The chemical additives assist in providing deodorizing and absorbent characteristics of the product.

The product comes in a variety of sizes from 5 pound boxes to 1oo pound drums.


Garage Floor Cleaning – How to use a Sweeping Compound


  • Read label Directions and use according to label directions.Use recommended protective gear.
  • Liberally spread the sweeping compound onto the garage floor.
  • Using a stiff push broom designed for concrete or garage floors; begin sweeping the garage floor. Starting in the farthest end of the garage toward the door opening of the garage.
  • Push the sweeping compound on the garage floor with the push broom, making sure to move and cover the entire garage floor.
  • Pick up the sweeping compound with a dust pan and discard into the trash.


Garage Floor Cleaning – Where to Buy Floor Sweeping Compounds


  • O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • AutoZone
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Menards
  • Ace Hardware



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