Many times questions are asked from building service contractors also known as janitorial services what is important to the various market sectors they sell their services to. This is also a common question for the sales and marketing staffs of floor waxing polishing & cleaning products. There are certain market sector end-users that look for key characteristics in a floor finish because these characteristics of a floor finish generally achieves the goals of each sector end-user.

Most commercial end-users have common thread in the type of appearance and goals they desire for their floor care program. The following floor finish selection criteria guide is designed and the goal of this article to provide a variety of our commercial readers with a basis to provide their customers with what is important to them by type of business they are in.

This information is also useful for commercial end-user facilities managers.

If you are more interested in or having problems with floor finish, wax or polishing issues. We would recommend you click on the following link to take you to our floor finish, waxing or polishing troubleshooting guide (Floor Waxing Polishing & Cleaning – Troubleshooting Hints).


Floor Waxing Polishing & Cleaning – Major Market Sector Types

The following is a concise list of the major and primary types of commercial businesses.

  • Healthcare
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Educational
  • Industrial
  • Retailers
  • Government
  • Food Industry
  • Janitorial Services


Floor Waxing Polishing & Cleaning – List of Characteristics of Floor Finishes

  • Gloss Levels
  • Durability
  • Heel Mark & Scuff Resistance
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Low Odor
  • Quick Dry and Recoat Time
  • Response to Buffing or Burnishing
  • Sustainability (Green)
  • Soil Resistance
  • Ease of Removal (Stripping)


Floor Waxing Polishing & Cleaning – Criteria Selection Guide by End-User Types

The following chart will provide the most important keys of floor finish, wax, polishes and coatings that each type of commercial end-user considers critical to achieving their basic floor care goals.

To use the chart, simply add up the 3 most important characteristic categories points such as gloss level, heel marking, scratching, Buffable, durability, etc. The highest number will allow you to determine where to start in your decision process on what each end –user would be most interested in seeing in a floor finish. From there you can then determine what type of floor finish would be best for each type of commercial customer such as Ultra High Speed, Conventional, Multi-Purpose, Low Gloss, Sustainable (Green). This is a starting point and it will allow the facilities manager to work with various floor waxing, polishing & cleaning companies on these types of floor coatings. This will reduce the decision-making process and reducing errors in the deciding which floor costing is right for your building.




Floor Waxing Polishing & Cleaning – Reference Websites


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