What a great topic to discuss. For about the last 15 years, Spray buffing has been fallen out of favor with floor cleaning professions because it is a slower process than using a dry burnishing method with a propane Burnisher. However, we the goal of this article is not to only provide our visitors with the proper step by step procedures for Spray buffing a floor but to advise them of the benefits of spray buffing over dry burnishing.


Both buffing methods will deliver quality high gloss looks. Spray buffing is a much slower process than dry burnishing. So if labor is the biggest concern, then spray buffing may not be the answer for your facility. On the other hand, spray buffing accomplishes five other things that dry burnishing does not or not as well as spray buffing and when you consider that using a 2,000 rpm spray buffing machine, the difference in labor is not tremendously different.


The goal with any type of buffing is to repair the floor from blemishes due from foot traffic and to bring back the gloss levels of the floor. The five most important advantages that spray buffing have over dry burnishing are the following.


  • Spray Buffing delivers a better gloss that last longer than dry burnishing.
  • Spray Buffing also repairs the floor of blemishes such as scratches, scuffs and/or black marks better than dry burnishing.
  • Spray Buffing increases the durability of the floor finish greater than dry burnishing.
  • Spray Buffing does not remove as much floor finish from the floor as dry burnishing. Any buffing will remove a small amount of floor finish from the floor but dry burnishing removes more floor finish than spray buffing.
  • Because you’re using a wet buffing technique with spray buffing, spray buffing actually assist in not grinding soil deep into the floor finish. Where dry burnishing can drive any residual soil left on the floor after auto scrubbing into the floor.


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Floor Tile Cleaning – Spray Buffing Procedures


  1. Post “Wet Floor” signs and or barricade area with CAUTION tape.
  2. Dry Clean floor by dust mopping.
  3. Wet clean floor with an automatic scrubber equipped with RED cleaning pads with cool water and approved professional grade floor cleaner, diluted according to the label directions. A Neutral cleaner is preferred.
  4. Allow floor to dry thoroughly. 
  5. If not using a ready to use Spray Buff  solution packaged in a 32 ounce bottle and trigger head, use a Quart size empty spray bottle with a trigger head, fill the bottle with a quality professional spray buff solution.
  6. Prepare a single disc floor machine with a Spray Buff Pad (Usually Red). Begin by spraying a fine mist of spray buff solution to the floor. The key is not to over use the spray buff solution. A small amount of misting will do the job correctly and decrease the amount of time to buff the floor to a high gloss. Work in smaller areas such as 5 foot by 5 foot areas. Using the single disc floor machine with a red spray buff pad on the machine, begin buffing the solution into the floor. The first passes will dull the floor and smear the floor with solution. Continue working the spray buff pad back and forth across the area until you achieve a “Mirror Gloss”.
  7. Repeat step number 6 until the entire floor that was designated for spray buffing has been completed.


Note: Wet Floor signs should remain until entire process is completed and floor is completely dry.


Floor Tile Cleaning – Tips, Hints and Proper Procedures


  • Always scrub the floor prior to burnishing. Failure to properly clean the floor will lead to grinding soil deep into the floor finish (wax) which will cause the floor to be stripped prematurely that will produce unnecessary expenses to the budget.
  • Change burnishing pads often. This can be accomplished by using a new pad, flipping the pad over to use the opposite side of the pad or clean the pads after using to be used again. Failure to use clean or new pads often will lead to poor buffing performance and can actually damage the floor finish instead of improving the look and gloss of the finish (wax).
  • Proper spray buffing a floor requires the proper time. Make sure that you take the time to buff all dull areas of the floor with the buffing machine and pad to a high gloss before progressing to the next area. This may seem slow but it will deliver the best results. At this correct speed, small scratches, blemishes, scuff and black marks will be removed from the floor and maximize the glossiness of the floor.
  • Spraying Buffing Pad choice is also critical. Not every floor finish will respond the same way with the same burnishing pad. So take the time and discuss with the floor finish manufacturer which is the best High Speed Burnishing pad for their floor finish.


Floor Tile Cleaning – Spray Buffing Machines


There are two types of machines (Single Disc Plug in Electric Floor Machine or Battery Operated Buffer Machines) that can be used to spray buff floor but only one really works efficiently and delivers the best results. For Spray buffing using a Single Disc floor machine powered by plug-in electricity is the best machine to use. These machines come in several different speeds ranging from 175 rpm’s to 2,000 rpm’s. Any speed will work but the high rpm buffers will complete the task faster and save labor cost while increasing productivity. They come in a variety of diameters but the most come sizes are the 13 inch and 24 inch sizes. The following are the way that high-speed burnished are powered and which provides the best results.


  • Plug In Electric Powered: Best Results. Recommended Machine Type for the Highest Gloss with the least amount of labor to achieve the best results.
  • Battery Powered: Good Results but not close to the results or labor savings time of an electric single disc buffer.


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