There has been a common question regarding floor steam cleaning, do they work? This article’s objective is to address this question and relate observations and personal experience with floor steam cleaning in a residential home.  We will also address some of the more popular steam floor mops in the market place and whether it is a viable alternative for cleaning floors with a traditional mopping method.




Floor Steam Cleaning – Do They Work

The answer is yes. They do work and work well. This has been documented with independent consumer groups like Consumer Research. However, we have had personal experience with floor steam cleaning using a steam floor mop and we can say, they do work and work well. At first glance we were not sure what kind of cleaning results we would get but floor steam cleaning does an excellent job of cleaning all types of floors.


Floor Steam Cleaning – What Floors Do they Clean?


The clean all types of floors including wood flooring as long as the wood floors have been previously sealed. They work well on ceramic, all stone floors and grout. Floor Steam cleaning also works well on resilient floors like vinyl, wood, linoleum, cork, rubber, asphalt, vinyl composition tile, etc.


Floor Steam Cleaning – Are they Affordable?


The simple answer is yes, they are affordable. However, there are many models and choices on the market. The most common ones are relatively inexpensive and will pay for themselves through long term use. Meaning they do not require cleaning chemicals to clean floors so floor steam cleaning is accomplished through the use of steam and a microfiber pad making it a cost effective way to clean floors.

Prices on models vary for many reasons including, whether the steam floor mop cleans or does it also sanitize the floor. The price also varies base on optional cleaning attachments available with some models and manufacturers. Realize that not all manufacturers have steam floor mops that sanitize and some that do sanitize may take a longer time to accomplish the sanitizing process then other steam floor mops. Some investigation is needed to determine which is the right steam floor mop and optional attachments that is required for your specific cleaning needs.


Floor Steam Cleaning – Viable Cleaning Alternative?


Yes they are a viable alternative for cleaning floors for the reasons stated earlier in this article but also for the following reasons.

  • Water Reduction: Uses far less water than mixing a cleaning chemical product and water in a bucket and mopped on the floor with a traditional mopping method. Thereby reducing the amount of water used to clean floors which is great for the environment.
  • Chemical Free Cleaning: Floor steam cleaning floors with a Steam Floor Mop requires no cleaning chemicals. Only water and a microfiber pad. This also makes it better for the environment making it a greener cleaning process anytime cleaning can be accomplished without using a cleaner.


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