Floor grout cleaning is arguably the most common problem area in a home to clean. Most homes have some type of flooring in them that has grout, Furthermore, even grout on walls in shower areas and back splashes of kitchens require regular cleaning in a home. The most common complaint is how difficult it is to remove embedded soil when performing floor grout cleaning.


The goal of this article is to provide our readers with daily cleaning steps for floor grout cleaning but more importantly to offer a quick and simple why to keep your grout clean throughout the entire home, especially floor grout which gets to most soil.


The system is easy and requires two products.

  • The “That’s Amazing Cleaning Pads or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Pads
  • Oxi-Clean Versatile Cleaner


Using this two product system for routine (weekly) floor grout cleaning will keep your grout looking like new all the time and will dramatically reduce if not eliminate all together the need for deep cleaning procedures. Another benefit of using this cleaning method when performing floor grout cleaning is it will not only clean the grout but it will also clean the tile, making it a simple and quick way of having great appearing grout and tile floors throughout the home.


Floor Grout Cleaning – Routine (Weekly) Cleaning Process


  • Thoroughly sweep or dust mop the floors surface.
  • Use Oxi-Clean Versatile Cleaner, mix with water according to label direction in a solution pail or bucket.
  • Using the “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Pad or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pad, liberally apply the Oxi-Clean Versatile cleaning solution to the floor tile and grout.
  • Allow to cleaning solution to dwell on the floor and grout for 5 to 7 minutes, making sure it does not dry on the floor. If it does simply add more cleaning solution to the floor with the “That’s Amazing” cleaning pads or a mop.
  • Manually scrub the floor using the “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Pads Utility Pad attached to a doodlebug holder to scrub the grout and tile. Or manually scrub the grout and floor using the “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Hand Sponge Pad until clean.
  • Do a final damp rinse with clean cool water to ensure all dirty solution and rinse water is properly from the floors surface.
  • Let thoroughly dry before walking on your freshly cleaned floor.



Floor Grout Cleaning – Reference Websites

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