This topic is interesting because many times the subject of tools often includes cleaning products and machines but for this article, our goal will be to provide our readers with a list of the most common hand tools used to clean floors but also include a description of floor cleaning tools. What is even more fascinating is the same tools used in a residence can be used and found in commercial buildings. The tools discussed in this article are manual or hand tools meaning they are used by hand without the help of power equipment.

Floor Cleaning Tools – Manual Hand Tools

  • Brooms: Simple and basic for removing large loose debris from floors. Brooms maybe the most common floor cleaning tool in the market place. We do not know of any operating commercial building that does not have a broom in their facility. They come in a variety of materials and sizes and come in two basic styles; Sweep or Push. Sweeping brooms are normally used in smaller areas and push brooms are used for larger floor areas. A brooms bristles come in many synthetic and natural materials all of which are designed for specific sweeping task and soils. However, a standard plastic bristle push broom or a corn bristle sweeping broom will perform well for the majority of floor cleaning tasks.
  • Buckets: Another common floor cleaning tool found in most janitors and home closets. There are two basic styles that are made mainly from plastic or metal. The two styles are a simple pail with a wire handle or a larger “Mop” Bucket. The pails are usually smaller and used hand washing floors. Mop buckets are normally accompanied by a wringer (Down or Side Press Style) for wringing out a wet mop used for cleaning the floor.
  • Sponges and Scrub Pads: These items are designed to provide agitation during the cleaning process. Sponges are self-explanatory while scrub pads come in two styles – Hand or floor pads. Floor pads are designed for use with floor cleaning machines. There are also a special type of floor and hand pads available on the market. These are foam type pads; “That’s Amazing” Cleaning Pad from Unichem Marketing has both hand and doodlebug floor cleaning pads. Mr Clean Magic Eraser has only hand pads. For additional information on Floor pads, please visit another article written specifically on this topic. (Floor Cleaning Pads – Product Selection Guide – Commercial)
  • Wet Mops: They come in a variety of styles and materials. The two basic styles are standard mops and flat mops. Standard wet mops are made from natural materials like cotton or synthetic fibers like rayon as well as a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers. The most common materials used for flat mops are microfiber or a sponge. Sponge mops are normally not used in a commercial building. Microfiber is the best material to use and outperforms cotton, sponge or rayon fibers. Wet mops are used with a long handle allowing the user to stand up to clean.
  • Dry (Dust) Mops: These are commonly known as dust mops and are designed to perform similar as a broom but are designed and use materials to capture fine particles like dust and grit that broom bristles normally miss and leave on the floor. Cotton yarns, synthetic yarns or microfiber are the most common materials used for dry (dust) mops. This tool is an invaluable piece of equipment for cleaning floors and should be used in the first step of floor cleaning. As with wet mops, microfiber is the best choice with dust mops. They outperform other yarn materials. Dust mops are used with a long handle allowing the user to stand up to clean.

There are other floor cleaning tools but those listed above and discussed cover the majority of manual floor cleaning tools and provide the end-user with economical product cost and also an effective way to clean floors.


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