There is a huge and fast growing movement for cleaning with “Green Cleaners”. This is true for all cleaning including floor cleaning. There are many myths in the cleaning industry that need to be addressed and exposed as falsehoods. Let’s examine the myths and correct the misconceptions. Green Cleaning is here to stay and it is the correct responsible ways of cleaning that benefit not only the environment but also reduces overall cost to the residential consumer and commercial end user.


Floor Cleaning Supplies – Green Cleaners Myths

First we need to address what Green cleaning actually means and the correct terminology – “Sustainable”. Sustainable cleaning is a holistic approach to cleaning. This means it is not green to only use a cleaner that is considered “Green” – safe or friendly to the environment. It is the process, the procedures, the cleaning chemical, the tools used, cleaning cloths, frequency of performing the cleaning tasks, chemical product packaging, water and waste reduction, etc. We will not go into deeper explanations for the purpose of this article but it is important to have a basic understanding what sustainability is and what it covers. Sustainability relative to cleaning cannot be good for only the eco-system but must also be good for your pocket book or budget. Using a Green Cleaning process and chemicals must be Sustainable for the environment and be profitable for the commercial end user or residential consumer. If not, it will never work or be adapted as the cleaning process of choice.

  1. Myth – Green Chemicals are Expensive to Use: This is false. Most of the green products on the industrial side of the business as well as the consumer side of the business are relatively inexpensive. Green cleaners now have higher dilution ratios which translate into lower overall cost for Green Products.
  2. Myth – Green Cleaners Do Not Perform as well as other Cleaners: This is false. Green cleaners perform extremely well and in most cases outperform traditional non-green products. The industry has made sure of this. Otherwise, why would anyone purchase green cleaners? Yes, it may have been somewhat true several years ago, when green cleaner’s first hit the marketplace but that has changed as new technology has been developed.
  3. Myth – Only Certified Green Cleaning Products are good for the Environment: Not true. Most of the Trade organizations that are green Experts and do the approvals of Green Cleaning Products have very strict standards. This is a good thing but many cleaners on the market are green but do not seek the approval of outside authoritative organizations for Certification because of the expense of the certification.Other reasons for not seeking outside certification include the stringent standards on packaging requirements which may not be feasible for some cleaner manufacturers. Their product maybe green and safe for the environment and so is its packaging but the stringent standards are too restrictive. This does not make non-certified cleaning products any less “Greener” than other cleaners that are certified as “Green”. However, with that be stated, it is a good rule of thumb to review products that have Green Certification from a reputable organization. See the Website section below for Green Certification Organizations.
  4. Myth – Green Cleaners are not Versatile: Also false. There are many cleaners especially floor cleaners that are considered green and/or have certification. One example of this is Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaners. These products are extremely versatile and can eliminate multiple products because of the wide range of their cleaning abilities. These include cleaning floors, glass/mirrors, carpet spotting, restroom cleaning, general purpose cleaning, etc. H2O2 products are clean because they perform well and are safe for the environment. They convert back to Hydrogen and Oxygen within minutes after they are used making them environmentally friendly. They perform excellently and their high dilution ratio makes them less expensive to use.


Floor Cleaning Supplies – Floors Cleaned with a Green Cleaner


Floor Cleaning Supplies: Resilient Floors

  • Vinyl (VCT)
  • Rubber
  • Asphalt
  • Pure Vinyl
  • Sealed Wood
  • Sealed Cork
  • Linoleum
  • No-Wax – Tiles or One Piece Sheet
  • Laminate Floors – All Types


Floor Cleaning Supplies: Non-Resilient Floors

  • Concrete
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Quarry
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain


Green Certification Organization – Websites


Green Seal

GREENGUARD Environmental Institute

Design for the Environment

U.S. Green Building Council

DCS Global Enterprise LP

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