This discussion will provide the key to delivering positive results for both the customer and the floor cleaning service. It may seem simple but the client needs to include the following two questions in their interviews and meetings with perspective floor cleaning services during the hiring process. Asking the following two questions will insure that the client is hiring the right floor cleaning service and dramatically increase the implementation of a successful floor cleaning program. 

Since the labor pool in a geographical area is the same for all floor cleaning services, what makes the difference in floor cleaning services that provide great results while others struggle with performance? The answer is simple, the management of their workers. 

This is especially true in the cleaning service business because the cleaning industry with respect to their labor is susceptible to high turnover rates and high absenteeism. This is true for all floor cleaning service companies and even more so if their floor cleaning workers are poorly managed. So, it begs the question, how can a floor cleaning service insure that they are managing the performance of the workers and thereby insuring positive results for their clients. 


Floor Cleaning Services – Two Basic Types of Labor

There are two basic types of labor for Floor Cleaning Services… 

  • Subcontracted: Service Companies that hire Subcontractors to perform the actual work
  • Self-Perform: Service Companies that use their own direct employees to perform the laborNote: While both types of floor cleaning contractors can provide great service, the best practice and recommendation for the commercial market is to hire a floor cleaning service that is self-performing. Meaning they use their own employees to perform the cleaning work instead of subcontracting the labor which are not direct employees. The benefit to the customer includes better overall management of the workers which is critical in the cleaning business. And while service contractors that employ subcontractors to perform the cleaning task may but not necessarily be more expensive, they have little control over the performance of the subcontractors that actually do the work.


Floor Cleaning Services – Most Important Management Level for Cleaning Services

The answer is simple; the District Manager Level or direct manager for custodians. Successful performance is controlled by the district manager. Without quality and effective district managers, a floor cleaning service will have a difficult time achieving continued success and performance in the long run. Hiring just anyone to fill this critical position is a mistake for the cleaning contractor. The hiring of an experienced district manager will pay huge dividends for both the floor cleaning service and their clients. 


Floor Cleaning Services – Keys Questions for Successful Floor Cleaning

 When hiring a floor cleaning service, ask the two questions below. 

  1. How many locations does your District Operations Manager manage? The answer a client should be looking for is 8 to 12. The reason this is critical is because once a floor cleaning services’ district manager begins managing more than 12 client sites, it becomes too cumbersome and difficult for the manager to effectively manage his labor force and the individual client’s locations. So it is imperative that the floor cleaning service to be hired recognizes the need for quality management of their employees at this level – the District Manager.The district manager normally handles the client’s questions, problems, issues, etc. including the hiring of the workers for their job locations. Clients do not want to wait for answers and since they are paying for a service and expect that the floor cleaning service they hired are fully staffed. Otherwise, the performance of the cleaning service will be less than expected by the customer and more costly for the floor cleaning service because of correcting mistakes.
  2. Do you hire a foreman or lead crew worker for each of your locations?This answer should be “Yes”.  A second key to achieving a successful floor cleaning program is having a working lead janitor on location. This lead janitor is in a semi-management position but performs actual cleaning task and normally gets a slightly higher hourly rate of pay. The lead handles the small issues, is the on-site face for their cleaning company and insures that a high quality level of work is achieved on a daily or nightly basis by making sure the other janitors perform their cleaning tasks correctly and stay on schedule.

These two answers can definitely assist the commercial end-user in hiring the right contractor. Floor cleaning services that have the right answers regarding the district manager and the lead worker at the job site normally have a proven successful track record of performing well for their clients. So it is important for both the client and the floor cleaning service to fill these two positions with quality personnel.

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