The cleaning industry has changed drastically over the past 10 to 15 years due to the ever changing and increasing demands of customers. This applies to both the residential and commercial marketplace. Customers especially in the commercial sector have demanded better and expanded services. The reason for this trend is commercial facility managers have taken on more responsibility and seeing the need for outside services to provide additional support to assist in managing their commercial facilities.

The purpose of this article and discussion is to provide a list of the additional management services that commercial customers are requesting that their floor cleaning services to provide to their facility.

Additionally, commercial end-user customers are more critical of the performance from their floor cleaning services. Technology has been the primary driver of the increased demand in cleaning performance and results. Technology has made this easy for the customer to manage with the use of auditing tools such as hand-held palm pilots, I-Pads, I-Phones, Net Book and Lap Top computers, etc. which allow the customer to hire floor cleaning services that are up to speed with performance auditing programs. Some of these auditing programs are managed from the commercial end-user customer, the floor cleaning services or even the chemical cleaning products provider. Either way, these auditing programs and using computer based auditing tools to perform the performance audits on site and are downloaded or uploaded immediately for an almost real time performance reporting system.

These are considerations that are taken into account when commercial end-user customers are making their final decision on which floor cleaning services they will hire.

Green is becoming another consideration by commercial customers when hiring a floor cleaning service. More and more floor cleaning services are making a decision to turn their cleaning procedures to Sustainable Green cleaning because of the increase demands for Green cleaning by the commercial customer.

Today’s commercial customer is demanding more from floor cleaning services and those floor cleaning service providers that will remain successful 10 to 15 years from today will learn the expertise required to providing total facility management to their customers.


Floor Cleaning Services – What Facility Management Services Offer


  • Planning & Assessment
    • Space Design
    • Venue Planning
    • Relocation Services
  • Operations & Maintenance
    • Physical Plant Maintenance
    • HVAC Management
    • Lighting Management
    • Electrical
    • Carpentry
    • Plumbing
    • Roofing
    • Parking Lot Maintenance
    • Side Walk Maintenance
  • Landscaping & Grounds
    • Turf Management
    • Tree and Shrub Services
  • Housekeeping & Custodial
    • Floor Cleaning Services
    • General Housekeeping Cleaning
    • Green/Sustainable Cleaning Services
  • Construction Services
    • New Construction
    • General Contracting
    • Analysis and Budgeting
    • Design
    • Renovation
  • On Site Security and Fire Safety Service
    • Unarmed Security
    • Fire Detection and Alarm Management
    • Training
  • Materials & Inventory Management
    • Purchasing, Transportation and Management
  • Energy Conservation
    • Energy Cost Savings
  • Office Services
    • Document Management Services
    • Mail and Distribution Services
    • Office support Services
  • Food Service
    • Cafes
    • Vending
    • Catering
    • Office Refreshment
  • Laundry
    • Management of onsite Laundry
  • Uniform Services
    • Career and Uniform Apparel


Floor Cleaning Services – Facility Management Services Websites


The following is a short list of Cleaning Services that provide total or expanded Facility management Services. They are well known and recognized names that are considered leaders and successful in providing commercial customers with Total Facility Management for one location or multiple locations.


Johnson Controls

UGL Services


Crothall Healthcare

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