This article outlines the various types of floor cleaning services for both commercial and residential. A professional floor cleaning service can provide fast dependable results while controlling and/or reducing overall cost. The professional offers many different levels of floor cleaning services. Also covered in this article is an outline of where to find a quality service. It is critical that background checks and references are completed prior to hiring a floor cleaning service. This will eliminate costly mistakes, save time and reduce hassles while insuring the delivery of desired performance and satisfaction.  

Another consideration is hiring a floor cleaning service that is “Green”. More and more floor cleaners are making a decision to turn their cleaning needs to a Sustainable (Green) service provider. This is something to consider if sustainability is an important matter or an objective for the individual or the management of the corporation hiring the floor cleaning service company.


Floor Cleaning Services –Commercial & Residential


Floor Cleaning Services – Commercial Buildings

  • Floor Cleaning Service – Two Basic Types 
    • Subcontracted: Service Companies that hire Subcontractors to perform the actual work
    • Self-Perform: Service Companies that use their own direct employees to perform the labor
      Note: While both types of floor cleaning contractors can provide great service, the best practice and recommendation for the commercial market is to hire a floor cleaning service that is self-performing. Meaning they use their own employees to perform the cleaning work instead of subcontracting the labor which are not direct employees. The benefit to the customer includes better overall management of the workers which is critical in the cleaning business. This is even more important because the floor cleaning service business is traditionally suspect to high turnover and absenteeism. And while service contractors that employ subcontractors to perform the cleaning task may but not necessarily be more expensive, they have little control over the performance of the subcontractors that actually do the work. You get what you pay for. As an example, if it cost only $1.00 to perform the work and the performance is poor, then spending $1.00 was a waste of money.

Floor Cleaning Services – Residential Homes

  • Maid Services: Subcontracted, franchised or self-performing
  • Independent Professional Floor Cleaners:  Subcontracted, franchised or self-performing


Floor Cleaning Services – Where to Find Quality, Dependable Floor Cleaning Services

This is always a common question for both the commercial and residential market. There are many ways of finding quality professional floor cleaners and the following is an easy information list to assist in finding the right service. Remember to ask for references, referrals and a list of current businesses or residences they are currently cleaning. Checks the references and current clients. It will make life easier and less costly in the long run.  

  1. Building Service Contractors Association International   
  2. Professional Retail Store Maintenance   
  3. Store Planning, Equipment, Construction and Facilities Services   
  4. Better Business Bureau  
  5. Yellow Pages  
  6. Local Janitorial Supply Distributors: Usually have a list of local and even multi-regional services they trust and would recommend  
  7. Internet:  Search Engines are a great source for finding services in any given geographical area  
  8. Networking: With business associates for the commercial market and friends/neighbors for the residential market.  

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