Since a successful floor cleaning program requires the correct combination of floor cleaning products, tools, equipment and labor, we will be discussing the process for evaluating the Floor Cleaning Products part for a commercial building owner or floor service company. Later in this article we will be providing an example of the evaluation process for determining the best floor cleaning products to use in your floor cleaning program.

This is a critical step in the process of delivering positive results of floor cleaning. There are usually several options when hiring a contractor relative to floor cleaning products. The two most common options is to either have the commercial building owner purchase and  provide the floor cleaning products for use by the floor cleaning service company or the floor cleaning service company purchases the floor cleaning products and adds the cost of the products to their contracted services price.

There are some advantages and it is the best practice for the Commercial building owner to purchase the floor cleaning products and provide them for the floor cleaning service provider to use. The most important is cost control because if the Floor Cleaning Service company purchases the cleaning products, they have to add a profit to the products to cover their overheads and expenses. The opposite is true if the commercial building owner or facility management company purchases the items. A second advantage is if the commercial building owner has multiple locations, their volume will be most likely allowing them to negotiate better pricing.


Floor Cleaning Service – Outline for Floor Cleaning Product Testing Process – Commercial


Floor Cleaning Products Vendor Selection for Product Evaluation & Test Process:


Floor Cleaning Product Selection:

  • Recommend using Nationally branded floor cleaning product manufacturers


Test Scheduling:

  • Coordinate and Inform assigned Test Site Locations
  • Select Test Start Dates
  • Inform Floor Cleaning Service Contractor of Test
  • Advise Test Site Locations what floor care program procedures are being tested


Test Process: Best Practices

  • If evaluating more than one manufacturer of Floor Cleaning Products, the best practice is to test the products in the same site location and perform the testing so that each manufacturer’s products are adjacent (side by side) to each other. This will allow the products to be compared under the same conditions to each other such as foot traffic, weather conditions, performed with the same floor cleaning service workers, etc.; making it a fair and unbiased evaluation.


Test Location: Select a minimum of 1 test Site location not more than 2 locations


Test Duration: Floor Finish, Stripper & cleaner – 60 to 90 Days


Test Result Data: Weekly Visits & Reporting of Data and Results-Assigned Managers

  • Visual Observations of Floor Finish & Cleaner
    • Scratches
    • Scuff
    • Black Mark
    • Soil Retention
  • Gloss Meter Readings – Provided by Floor Cleaning Product Manufacturer
    • 20 Degree
    • 60 Degree
  • Grease Pencil Marker
    • Numbering (1,2,3, etc.) each coat of floor finish after each coat is dry which will determine durability


Test Process: Floor Cleaning Chemical Manufacturers selected to Participate in the Evaluation

  • Strip and Refinish tile floor with selected number of coats of floor finish based manufacturers recommended process for their product and your budget
  • Provide recommended step by step procedure of the strip & refinish process
  • Deep Scrub and Recoat process with 1 to 2 coats of floor finish based on manufacturers recommend process for their product
  • Provide recommended step by step procedure of the deep scrub and recoat process


Labor Requirements: Manufacturers and Floor Cleaning services provide labor estimates for total program

  • Strip & Refinish
  • Deep Scrub & Recoat
  • Periodic Maintenance


Product Consumption: Floor Cleaning Product Manufacturers provide product consumption for total program – Annual Estimate

  • Total Cost for Use of Chemical per Package Unit and End Use Dilution for Floor Cleaners
  • Total Cost based on application and recommended floor care program

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