The following article is an important part of floor cleaning and all cleaning of a facility but is seldom discussed and often overlooked as part of a comprehensive floor cleaning and general housekeeping program.

The goal of this article is to provide information on how protect workers from possible harm and dangers of improper use of floor cleaning products. It is a simple outline and brief description of the steps to take to assist in reducing the hazards of working with floor cleaning products. It will also provide a recently launched product in the United States that will provide a measure of safety to the custodian staff from infectious germs, viruses and bacteria.

Since janitors and custodians are in constant contact with surfaces that have bacterial and germ growth on them, it is highly recommended that they not only use personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggle, aprons, etc. but to also be sure to wash their hands often throughout the work shift. The hands are how germs and bacteria are spread to other parts of the body and to others. For added protection from Staphylococcus and other serious germs, we recommend that in addition to washing their hands often they should be supplied with a hand sanitizer. As stated above, Keeping Floors Clean has recently discovered a safer hand sanitizer that was recently launched in the USA. The name of the product is X3 Clean Sanitizer.

If you were more interested in information on actual floor cleaning products, please click on the following link (Floor Cleaning Products – Cleaning Product Types – Commercial & Residential).



Floor Cleaning Products – Steps to Protect Workers


The following is a list of personal protective gear that all employees working with floor cleaning products should be wearing also providing information on correct standard operation procedures to prevent accidents and errors when using floor cleaning products.


Personal Protection Equipment: (PPE)

  • Eye Protection – Goggles
  • Protective Chemical Resistant Boots
  • Protective Chemical Resistant Gloves
  • Protective Chemical Resistant Apron


Safety Precautions & Training: General Protocol

  • Always read the safety information on the floor cleaning product label
  • Always follow the label directions on how to use the floor cleaning product
  • Always follow the dilution information on the floor cleaning product label
  • Always read the Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS) for every floor cleaning product
  • Always post the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) in an area that is easily accessible for the custodial staff to read, review or use in the case of an accidental spill or contact with exposed parts of the body
  • Always train all custodial staff on the use of floor cleaning products, personal protection equipment and material safety data sheets
      1. Have Training Manuals for floor cleaning products available in the Janitorial Closet
      2. Post Training Wall Charts in Janitorial Closet
      3. Train janitorial staff on Emergency or Accidental Procedures for contact with the floor cleaning product 


Floor Cleaning Products – X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer


The following is some information on why X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer is effective in killing germs and safer to use than alcohol based hand sanitizer. X3 Clean is an alcohol free hand sanitizer making it a unique and safer hand sanitizer for custodians and for that matter anyone to use for protection against germs. The following information was taken for the X3 Clean hand Sanitizer literature and is available from Unichem Marketing, Inc. See contact information below.


  • Alcohol Free Foaming Formula: Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13% 
  • Extra Safe:  Non Flammable, Non Toxic. Most people don’t realize that alcohol-based gel sanitizers (containing 62% Ethyl Alcohol), are VERY flammable and potentially deadly if consumed.
  • EXTRA GENTLE:  Alcohol free, fragrance free and residue free. Will not dry or irritate delicate skin.
  • EXTRA EFFECTIVE:  Kills 99.99% of germs that cause disease. Including the Norwalk Virus, SARS, Avian Flu, MRSA, VRE, Salmonella, E. coli and more.
  • 3 Times MORE: Get three times the number of applications! When compared to gel sanitizers, X3 Clean provides 3 times as many applications per ounce.
  • SAVE: Reduce absenteeism by up to 30%. Clean hands lead to fewer lost-time illnesses.



Floor Cleaning Products – Website & Product Information


Unichem Marketing, Inc. – X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer

Telephone: 708-296-7408: E-Mail Address:

OHSA – Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines & Regulations 

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