This article is designed to provide general information on floor cleaning pads, how to select the correct pad for the correct task and how conventional non-woven floor pads are manufactured. Also discussed in this article are specialty floor pads and a new floor cleaning pad that just hit the commercial market.

As stated in prior articles, mechanical action is essential to producing great cleaning results. Floor cleaning pads provide the mechanical action through the power equipment used in cleaning floors.

Standard Floor cleaning pads are made from what is called a non-woven process. The following is a basic and brief overview of how floor cleaning pads are manufactured.

  1. Nylon, polyester or natural animals’ hair is used as the fiber material.
  2. These fibers are then put into a bin that slowly feeds the fibers into a random picker, which picks and randomly loops and entangles the fibers.
  3. The next step, the non-woven fibers are then compressed and go through a series of chemical sprays and/or baths. The chemical bath or spray includes abrasive material, dyes for color and adhesive.
  4. After each series of spray or bath, the fiber material goes through a drying process.
  5. After the process is completed, the fiber batting comes out of the end of the process approximately ¾ to 1 inch in thickness.
  6. These come off the machine and must be cut in length and rolled for inventory for the next step in the process
  7. The next step takes the finished roll stock and using circular dies, stamps or cuts the floor cleaning pads to size from the flattened fiber rolls. The most common sizes of floor cleaning pads are 13” to 27”.

NOTE: There are different grade floor pads for various cleaning tasks. Specific cleaning task for floor cleaning pads are identified by their color.


Floor Cleaning Pads – Task Selection Chart – Standard Floor Cleaning Pads



Floor Cleaning Pads – Special Ceramic, Porcelain and all Stone Floor Cleaning Pads

The following floor cleaning pad product was recently introduced to the commercial market and was designed to deep clean ceramic, porcelain, quarry, marble, travertine, granite, polished concrete, slate, limestone floors and grout lines and thereby needs to be discussed. An added function of this floor cleaning pad is it can be used on vinyl tiles floors in the deep scrub and recoat cleaning process. It provides incredible deep cleaning to prepare the floor to receive added floor finish coats.

The Product: Unichem Marketing, Inc. “That’s Amazing” Floor Cleaning Pads; A laminated fiber and open cell foam pad that when used with any quality cleaning agent, effectively cleans so deep into the pores of the ceramic, all stone and the grout lines, the floor and grout is rejuvenated and restores the flooring to what it looked like when it was new. It accomplishes this quickly with no additional labor to normally deep clean a ceramic floor. In fact it will actually reduce the labor to deep clean.

The pads come in three diameter sizes…13”, 17” and 20” for floor machines. It also comes in various sizes for manual edge work that fit a doodlebug holder and also come in several smaller sizes for manual hand scrubbing sponges.


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