The following article’s goal is to introduce our readers, both residential and commercial to foam cleaning pads. I am sure most of our readers have heard or used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pad. But most commercial end users are not aware that there is a company that markets a foam floor cleaning pad, called ‘That’s Amazing” Floor cleaning Pads. This company also sells foam cleaning hand pads and a Foam Utility pad that is the same size and fits a doodlebug pad holder which is used for cleaning baseboards and edges of floors. Unichem Marketing’s “That’s Amazing Floor pads come in three sizes – the three most common machine diameter sizes; 13 inch, 17 inch and 20 inch floor cleaning pads.


As we have discussed in prior articles on cleaning floors, floor pads provide the agitation component of floor cleaning through mechanical action of the foam floor cleaning pad. As far as the residential homeowner is concerned, the hand pad or the utility cleaning pad can be used to manually scrub floors clean.


Commercial end-users usually have access to power floor cleaning machines that the “That’s Amazing” floor cleaning pad would be used. These special floor cleaning pads are designed for a dual purpose. Cleaning Hard Surface Floors and as a deep scrub and recoat floor cleaning pad when recoating a floor finish on tile floors.



Floor Cleaning Pad – What Type of Floors does these Foam Floor Pads Clean?


The “That’s Amazing” Floor cleaning pad was developed to deep clean ceramic, porcelain, quarry, marble, travertine, granite, polished concrete, slate, limestone floors and grout lines that are close to level and even with the tiles. This special pad and its material used to clean performs better than any other cleaning pad and it is so effective it removes deep embedded soils from the pores of the floor while using only a neutral pH cleaner. We have even cleaned these floors with great results using only water and the “That’s Amazing” floor cleaning pad.


It also has a dual purpose that is truly beneficial to commercial end-users. The “That’s Amazing” floor cleaning pad also is used to deep clean floor finish to prepare them for a recoat of floor finish on tile floors. We have used this product for this purpose and it is truly amazing. It cleans deeper than any other standard random woven floor cleaning pad such as a green, red or blue floor cleaning pad. This pad cleans the floor finish so well, it can actually extend the strip cycles which can save commercial end-users a huge amount of cost to the floor maintenance budget.


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