Floor cleaning mops is a very interesting topic because for many commercial end-users and homeowners can become confused on what type of floor cleaning mops to use. The reason for the conclusion is there are so many choices and selection on the market to choose from.


The goal of this article is address the types and functions of floor cleaning mops. This may seem simple and fairly straight forward but we believe that once you read this article you will have a better understanding of which mop will work for you.


There are two primary types of floor cleaning mops. The first is for dry cleaning commonly known as dust mops. The function of dust mops is to remove the loose soils such as sand, grit, debris from the floor and is the first step in floor cleaning. Dry cleaning or dust mopping is done prior to performing wet cleaning the floor.


The second type of floor cleaning mops are wet mopping and are used to wet clean the attached soils that are on the floor.



Floor Cleaning Mops – Types & Functions


  • Dry (Dust) Mops: Dust mops are designed to pick up and remove fine particles from the floor along with gross larger loose debris. It actually captures fine particulates that a broom cannot and because of the size and shape of a broom’s bristles. There are various types and shapes of dust mops.
    The most common are rectangular shaped and vary from 24 to 60 inches in width. The dust mop heads are made from two primary materials. The first is cotton or synthetic yarn and the second are made from a microfiber material. Some dust mops are V-Shaped or triangular-shaped. These dust mops are designed for residential homes.
    The best and most effective material to use for product performance is a microfiber material. The dust mop heads are fitted on a dust mop frame and then attached to a long handle.


  • Wet Mops: Wet mops also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are basically two shapes of floor cleaning wet mops. A standard shape that is sewn with a bad of material and fitted for a wet mop handle and the second is a flat wet mop. The flat wet mop is exactly what it sounds like; it lays flat on the floor.
    Standard type wet mops are made from Cotton or Synthetic yarns. Most wet mopping standard mops used for cleaning are cotton yarn and the synthetic yarn material mops are used for applying floor finish (wax). The sizes for Standard wet mops come in 12, 16, 24 or 32 ounces or size.  
    Flat wet mops materials are constructed of microfiber. There are also lamb wools fibers used on flat wet mops but lamb wool material flat mops are not as popular as they once were. The microfiber material performs extremely well and out performs cotton yarn standard mops for cleaning performance.
    As with Dry (Dust) Mops we recommend using flat wet microfiber mops for great performance and labor productivity.

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