This topic is interesting and a common question in the commercial cleaning market. There are many things to consider when purchasing any type of cleaning equipment. We will address those considerations and look at used floor cleaning equipment as an alternative. So, for the purpose of this article we address the question of whether or not to buy used floor cleaning equipment. As far as used cleaning equipment is concerned for this article, we will be referring to commercial cleaning equipment. There is no real market for used Residential floor cleaning equipment because most residential cleaning equipment is relatively inexpensive compared to commercial cleaning machines. Any aftermarket sales for most residential used floor cleaning equipment are at garage sales and swab meets. We will also cover a few places where used floor cleaning equipment can be purchased.

The main considerations when purchasing new cleaning equipment is as follows but not limited to this list. The following list is an example of the basic and main considerations.

  • The about of budgetary money available to purchase floor cleaning equipment
  • What is the warranty for the floor cleaning equipment
  • What, where and how fast is the service and repairs for the floor cleaning equipment
  • What size of floor machine is needed to clean the facility
  • What type of floor machines are required to clean the facility

The type’s floor cleaning equipment is fairly basic for commercial facilities with the main types being as follows:

  • Single Disc Floor Machines
  • Automatic Scrubbers
  • Floor Burnishers and Buffers
  • Wet and Dry Vacuums
  • Carpet Cleaning Extractors

We list the above types to illustrate that the main types of cleaning machines are available in the used floor cleaning equipment aftermarket.


Used Floor Cleaning Equipment – Why Buy Used Floor Cleaning Equipment

  • Cost Savings: The cost of the equipment is far less expensive than buying new floor cleaning machines. This allows a business to save money, reduce expenses and increase their cash flow.
  • Like New Condition: Any reputable company selling used floor cleaning equipment will make sure that the equipment is running and operating like it was new out of the box. So, you get great performance at a reduced price.
  • Limited Time Warranty: Some used floor cleaning equipment even come with a limited warranty


So if you have obtained the answers and price comparisons of used floor cleaning equipment from above, why wouldn’t a business purchase used floor cleaning equipment for your commercial facility or business operation. This is especially true for Floor cleaning Service companies because floor cleaning companies use the cleaning machines daily and is a major capital expenditure for them. The answer should be yes to considering buying used floor cleaning equipment.


Used Floor Cleaning Equipment – Where to Buy Used Cleaning Machines


There are many places to purchase used floor cleaning machines. Some of which are listed below.

  • Used Cleaning Equipment Companies: Companies like Alpine Cleaning Equipment out of Cary, IL repairs and refurbishes cleaning equipment and resells them to the commercial marketplace.
  • Rental Centers: many Rental centers will resell their used cleaning equipment when replacing the used equipment to commercial accounts. These companies may or may not refurbish the cleaning machines.
  • Floor Cleaning Services: Many floor cleaning companies replenish their current cleaning equipment inventory with new equipment on a regular basis. These companies’ sells used cleaning machines as well as services and repairs them for the commercial cleaning industry.
  • Floor Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers: Many cleaning equipment manufacturers will sell their used equipment that was either on a lease buyback program, demonstration units, sampled units and returned units that have been refurbished. Tennant, Taski, Advance and Aztec Products are a few of the most well-known and reputable cleaning manufacturers in the marketplace. They refer to used equipment as Certified Pre-Owned


Used Floor Cleaning Equipment – Reference Websites


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