This is common questions. Should I use a floor cleaning system to clean my floors? Will using a floor cleaning system achieve my floor cleaning goals? What type of floor cleaning system should be used to clean floors? Etc.


The purpose of this article is to provide our visitors with answers to these questions. More importantly, we will address the importance of using a floor cleaning system to maintain their floors, making it the only way to clean floors because it improves productivity, enhances and insures attaining floor cleaning objectives while preventing and/or reducing the chances of mistakes.


Achieving floor cleaning goals can be made easier with a floor cleaning system. We will discuss the components of a floor cleaning system. Some of these may seem obvious but others may not be as obvious. When you follow a floor cleaning system that is relatively comprehensive, It dramatically increases your rate of success and goal achievement.


If the you are interested in tile floor cleaning for a residence, please click on the following link, (Tile Floor Cleaning – Floor Finish Coated Tile Procedures, Product and Tools) or if you are interested in cleaning floors in a commercial building, please click on the following link, (Cleaning Tile Floors – Floor Finish Coated Tile Procedures, Product and Tools).


Floor Cleaning System – System Components


The following is a brief and broad list of the integral parts of a successful floor cleaning system. Each of these are important and critical a floor care program


Floor Cleaning System – Budgets

  • Establish a budget for cleaning maintenance including the cleaning of floors


Floor Cleaning System – Cleaning Procedures

  • Based on your floor care appearance goals, the first choice is to determine which daily floor cleaning procedures will be performed to achieve those goals.
    1. Dust Mopping – Daily Frequencies
    2. Wet Cleaning – Machine Scrub or Manual Mopping
    3. Buffing or not buffing the floor
  • The next step based on appearance goals of the floor is to determine periodic floor cleaning such as…
    1. Deep Scrub and Recoating Floor Finish
    2. Strip and Reapply Floor Finish

Floor Cleaning System – Vendor, Product, Tools, Equipment and Supplies Selection

  • Interview Vendors
    1. Discuss appearance and budget goals to establish the products, tools, equipment and supplies to achieve objectives


Floor Cleaning System – Training

  • Develop a Training Program for the floor maintenance workers
    1. Work with Suppliers of cleaning product, machines, tools, etc to develop the training program
  • Implement the Training Program
  • Manage the Training Program


Floor Cleaning System – Performance Audits

  • Develop performance parameters
  • Develop Performance Audit Check List
    1. Questions
    2. Frequency
    3. Analysis Reports
  • Train Management on performing audits
  • Implement Audit Program
  • Record Audits and run Reporting Analysis


Floor Cleaning System – Worker Safety

  • Protective Floor Tools such as floor signs, caution tape, etc.
  • Personal Protection Equipment such as gloves, goggles, boots, aprons, etc.
  • OHSA Safety Plan such a reference books or on-line information such Chemical Product Labels and Product Material Safety Data Sheets.


Floor Cleaning System – Reference Websites

Labor Calculator – Dust Mopping, Cleaning and Buffing


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