Squeaky floors are an effect that occurs from what we believe from a variety of reasons and can be a result of floor cleaning procedures. This article is dedicated to provide our readers with information of why squeaky floors happen and what can be done to correct this issue. The floors clean level has an impact on the squeakiness of the floor.

The squeaky floors we are referring to is not the same squeaky floors that occur from loose flooring. That is an entirely different issue but if your flooring is tight and not loose, squeaky floors can still occur for other reasons unrelated to the flooring substrate.

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Floor Clean – Why Squeaky Floors Happen

We are convinced that squeaky floor’s is a flooring surface issue and is related to issues which are attributed to a variety of variables including the following:

  • Coefficient of Friction of the Floor Surface 
    COF is the friction of the floor surface. The higher the COF of a floor the tighter or less slippery the floor is. All floor finishes need to meet a certain COF factor. That factor is based on the ASTM D-2047. A safe non-slippery floor finish on a dry floor surface is 0.5 or greater based on the testing of the James Machine test.
  • The Level of the Cleanliness of the Floor’s Surface    

  • Rubber Shoes such as Gym  or Jogging Shoes    

  • How Clean are the Shoe Bottoms


The greater the Coefficient of Friction is of a floor’s surface, the greater is the friction between shoe and floor. Squeaking generally only happens with rubber sole sport shoes. If the floor is clean, such as right after cleaning and shoe bottoms are clean, such as right after walking in from outside during wet weather, there will be an increased opportunity that a squeak will be heard when the shoe contacts the floor.

Certain cleaning or maintenance methods can also increase the risk of squeaky floors. One method in particular is Spray Buffing. Spray buffing provides a smoother floor surface and can increase the COF of the floor surface. This method of maintaining the floor in combination of certain shoe bottoms and the cleanliness level of those shoe bottoms can create a situation of squeaky floors.


Floor Clean – Correcting Squeaky Floors

If squeaky floors are occurring on your floors that have been Spray Buff, you may want to try to switch to a different method of maintaining the floor such as dry burnishing the floors. The gloss will actually be similar to spray buffing and eliminate the squeaky floors from shoe bottoms. In the event the floor is squeaky during wet weather, this will normally be a temporary issue and will disappear after the weather becomes better and dryer.

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