For the residential homeowner concrete cleaning is usually a periodic cleaning task and not a daily or routine cleaning task because it is periodic the concrete floors around a home are usually fairly well soiled, stained or saturated with oil and grease.

This cleaning can become a difficult process and due to the fact that concrete is so porous, the soils and stains from the oil and grime are usually next to impossible to remove completely.

With that being said we have discovered a product that has been on the market for commercial end users for several years but tried it on a residential garage floor and it performed so well we felt the need to advise our readers of this product and what is most interesting it did not require and excessive amount of “Elbow Grease” to remove the stains. Near the end of this article, this company’s website is listed so our readers may be able to contact them to purchase this concrete floor cleaning product. This company’s website has a video demonstrating how it works.

If you are like most homeowners and perform concrete floor cleaning periodically, this product would work for you. We do not normally recommended a specific company’s floor cleaning product line but there have been several instances where after testing a certain product we are comfortable in suggesting that our viewers try it out for themselves.

There are several products in their product line but the one we used was DRIVE-UP Super Cleaner. The following is their recommended way to use the concrete color cleaning product.


Concrete Floor Cleaning – How to use Drive Up Super Cleaner


  • Read label Directions and use according to label directions
  • Use recommended protective gear
  • Liberally apply Drive up to the dry soiled concrete floor (Do not Pre-Wet the Concrete Floor). For larger areas Drive Up Super Cleaner can be applied through a Hudson Garden Sprayer.
  • Allow to dwell (soak) for at least three hours. You can re-apply Drive –Up Super Cleaner during this time. For the most difficult oil and grease stains allow Drive Up Super Cleaner to stay on the concrete floor or stained area of the floor over night.
  • Rinse the cleaner off the concrete floor with a garden hose and nozzle or for faster results you can use a high pressure washer to rinse the cleaner off the floor.


Concrete Floor Cleaning – Where to Buy Drive Up Concrete Cleaning Products


  • True Value Hardware Stores
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Autozone
  • Murrays Discount Auto Stores
  • Drive Up Website – On Line


Concrete Floor Cleaning – Reference Websites

 Drive Up USA – Concrete Cleaner

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