Importance of Commercial Floor Cleaning

Commercial floor cleaning is an important aspect of floor maintenance that must be done regularly not only to keep the floor shining in its pristine glory, but to preserve its quality and extend its lifespan as well. Maintaining the floor is not an easy task. It is quite labor intensive and time-consuming if manually done.

Fortunately, there are now many different kinds of floor cleaning products and machines that simplify the cleaning procedures and make the entire task conveniently done without exerting too much effort. On top of that, the time it takes to clean the floor is tremendously reduced, making it easy and fast to clean residential and commercial flooring alike.

Different Types of Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment

It is important to note that there are various types of flooring. Traditional flooring includes the popular wooden floors like hardwood. Newer types of flooring today are made of tile, marble, and cement. Different floors require unique techniques of cleaning. Thus, the specific type of commercial floor cleaning equipment must also be used for certain types of flooring. You don’t use cleaning equipment designed for tiled floors on hardwood flooring or else you might end up causing damage to the floor. Likewise, floor cleaning machines and equipment for hardwood flooring must not be used on cement and tiled floors. The cleaning might not be efficient.

It is for this reason that home owners should know what type of commercial floor cleaning equipment to buy and use for the specific type of flooring to make the cleaning process not only effective but also for the protection of the floor.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines –Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are among the popular commercial floor cleaning machines today that are perfect for hard surface flooring like tiles. Steam cleaners are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology that makes cleaning highly efficient, leaving the floors shining. These cleaners do not only keep the floor free from dirt and debris, but they are also effective in eliminating bacteria since the steamer exposes the flooring to extremely high temperature that can reach as high as 360 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to kill many harmful microorganisms. The machine can also be attached with accessories that are effective in dislodging dirt in hard-to-reach areas like crevices and corners.

Floor Cleaning Machines Commercial Pressure Washers

The pressure washer is another excellent floor cleaning machine under commercial setting. This cleaning equipment combines high temperature and pressure in effectively cleaning the commercial flooring from all sorts of dirt and stubborn foreign materials on the floor like grime, oil or ink stains, and grease.

Pressure washers can clean the floors at high temperatures like 330 degrees Fahrenheit, making it capable of getting rid of both microorganisms and dirt. This is ideal for tile and cement flooring, and perfect for outdoor setting.

The only drawback of the pressure washer is that this cleaner is not ideal for hardwood floors, and not recommended for indoor floors with no drainage since highly pressurized water is used to clean the floor, leaving the floor extremely wet during the early phase of cleaning.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine – Rotary Floor Cleaners

Rotary floor cleaners are commercial floor cleaning machines that are twice as effective as pressure washers by targeting the floors with high precision through the machine’s motorized spinning head. The good thing about rotary floor cleaners is that these cleaning tools do not waste so much water unlike pressure washers. This can save you water during the cleaning process and you also do not get the floor wet.

Other Commercial Floor Cleaning Products

Aside from the above commercial floor cleaning machines, there are several other commercial floor cleaning products to choose from. One of the all-time popular cleaning products is the vacuum cleaner. This is great in getting rid of small debris and dirt on the floor. However, grimes and stains are not effectively removed by these cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are perfect for carpeted flooring.

Another alternative to vacuum cleaner is the commercial carpet extractor. This equipment does not only suck in dirt through a vacuum cleaning process, but it also brushes off stubborn dirt on the floor.

Sweepers are also popular. This automates the traditional manual sweeping of the floor, making cleaning a lot easier compared to manual operation using a broom.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Supplies – The Cheaper Alternative to Floor Cleaning

The use of commercial floor cleaning machines and products require larger investment since they are generally expensive. A cheaper alternative would be to opt for the commercial floor cleaning supplies that are normally much cheaper than buying cleaning machines.

These supplies are not as durable as the cleaning machines, but they can do the cleaning job as well with almost similar efficiency as the cleaning machines. However, some products are disposable, requiring complete replacement after a few weeks of continuous use.

Good examples of commercial floor cleaning supplies are the flat mop system, the floor applicator system, and the trap duster system among many others. Other floor cleaning supplies are liquid and powdered products that further aid in cleaning the floor, and in making the floor shine. Just read the reviews and feedback of various products before buying them to ensure that they are truly as effective as advertised.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services – Worry Free Commercial Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning in commercial setting requires ample time and complete focus on the task to ensure better effectiveness. Bear in mind that keeping the floor clean and shiny is important in business and commercial establishments to make them presentable to clients and make them feel comfortable. Dirty floors will keep the customers away.

Therefore, commercial establishments should have a separate department solely for cleaning and maintenance of the building.  If having additional workforce takes the focus off the main business, or if it becomes too expensive, a good and more economical option is to simply employ the services of commercial floor cleaning services.

These firms are normally more efficient in doing various cleaning jobs since cleaning is their main focus at work, and their field of expertise. They know what techniques work well in commercial and business conditions, and in wider areas of cleaning.

Tips on Choosing the Best Commercial Floor Cleaning Company

There may be several commercial floor cleaning companies in your area. When choosing the ideal commercial floor cleaning company to hire, it is best to check the background of the company and evaluate how well they perform and manage the job. Experience tells a lot about how the company works.

Feedback from previous and present clients can also help in assessing the quality of workmanship that the commercial floor cleaning company can provide. Do the research first before awarding the job offer to a certain company.

Qualities of Commercial Floor Cleaning Companies

Other than experience, it is also essential to look deeper into the operations of the commercial floor cleaning company to ensure that you get the best possible services that you deserve from your investment. One of the vital things that you should look for in a company is the techniques used in cleaning the floor.

The method of cleaning matters a lot. A company might use the traditional inefficient method of using ordinary sweepers, brooms, and mops that can take forever to cover the entire commercial building to clean. This would jeopardize the smooth and sound operation of the establishment, and hurt the business in the end.

Likewise, the cleaning equipment and tools used by the commercial floor cleaning company is also important. This should be checked first prior to giving the job to a particular firm. Obviously, choose the one that is well-equipped with advanced technology and equipment in cleaning large and wider areas.

Manpower is also important. Companies with few workers will take longer time to clean the floor compared to those with more people to work on the extensive cleaning tasks. Check and balance the size of the building to be cleaned against the number of people tasked to do the cleaning works, as well as the equipment they are using.

Nevertheless, cleaning is an integral part of maintenance of commercial buildings. This keeps the place clean and presentable to the consumers and shoppers, which is crucial to business success.

Thanks to commercial floor cleaning companies, products, equipment, and supplies, cleaning commercial areas is made easier and more efficient, making places of business more attractive and presentable to clients.

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