The objective of this article is to provide our readers with the knowledge of a recent phenomenon in the commercial floor cleaning machine industry. This movement is the entry of smaller auto scrubbers. Small auto scrubbers have been needed for years to assist commercial end-users that have smaller facilities but require fast, excellent cleaning results with limited labor budgets.


There has been a gap in the system and that is why there has been a push by many global commercial floor cleaning machine manufacturers to develop a line of auto scrubbers that are smaller. These units are also necessary for commercial buildings that have tight smaller and confined areas such as restrooms. This is especially true for high-rise office buildings that have hundreds of restrooms.


Since labor for floor cleaning and general housekeeping is always the largest expense for cleaning, an auto scrubber that increase productivity while increasing cleaning efficiency is very attractive to commercial facilities. The introduction of smaller auto scrubbers provides the answer to increasing cleaning efficiency and increasing productivity of the cleaning crew. This controls cost and achieves their cleaning objectives.


The following is a list of the most popular small automatic scrubbers that we have tested and agree they perform well and up to commercial users standards.

  • Taski Swingo 350 & Swingo 150E
  • Minuteman Port A Scrub 14
  • Pioneer Eclipse PE300AS


Most of these small machines use cylindrical brushes to clean which makes them a useful cleaning tool when it comes to cleaning uneven floors like ceramic or stone floors and eliminates the cost of using a floor pad to assist in cleaning.


The commercial floor cleaning machine business will see continued growth and demand for these powerful compact small auto scrubbers because as a Midwest Janitorial Service General manager Stated…” It is a game changer in cleaning and the cleaning business”. This was stated after see the initial demonstration of one of these small machines.


Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine – Small Auto Scrubbers – Where & When to Use

  • Daily Cleaning and Periodic Deep Cleaning
  • Restrooms, Hallways, Small Retail Stores and Shops, Garages, Entrance Ways, Quick serve Restaurants, etc.
  • Where floors are required to keep dry when cleaning for customer and worker safety. The auto scrubbers pick up the cleaning solution immediately and reduce the chance of a slip and fall due to wet floors from cleaning.


Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine – Sizes

Powered: AC/DC Electric Plug or Battery

Width:  15” to 18”

Solution Tank Sizes: 2.5 gallons to 4 gallons


Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine – Reference Websites

Taski Machines

Minuteman Machines

Pioneer Eclipse Machines


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