Many times we are asked what commercial floor cleaning equipment should be purchased. This is no small question. In fact it can be difficult to answer. The goal of this article is provide our readers with information on quality recognized global brands that are known for their leadership role in commercial floor cleaning equipment. We referred to “Global” brands because in the world of the internet, we are reaching commercial end-users throughout the globe with our website and want to make sure we cover all the needs of our readers.

We will also cover some straight forward questions to ask to help determine what type of commercial floor cleaning equipment is required for our readers needs and what best fits your overall needs regarding commercial floor cleaning equipment.

These questions are important because as stated we will list the leading global brands but sometimes a leading brand is not what is needed when a less expensive piece of commercial floor cleaning equipment will fit a commercial end-users need.


Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment – Questions to Ask


Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment – Labor


Is saving, reducing or controlling labor important to your floor cleaning program?

If so, the size, type, power source and speed of the commercial floor cleaning equipment may be the most important question a commercial account or a floor cleaning service can ask because the size and speed can make a dramatic difference in reducing labor. Labor happens to be such a critical cost of the maintenance budget. Therefore, the size, speed, type, power source, etc. of commercial floor cleaning equipment will determine the reduction in labor provides commercial accounts.


Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment – Other Questions & Considerations


  • Are they used for daily cleaning?  If you are not using it daily or have a smaller facility but large enough to require the use of commercial floor cleaning equipment, you may want to consider a value priced manufacturer. They perform well and since they are not being used daily will hold up for this type of end-user.
  • Depending on the size of the commercial floor cleaning equipment, can they be used in restrooms, entrance ways, lobbies and vestibules, etc?
  • The machines are relatively quiet since they use either AC/DC electrical power or operated by batteries. So day time cleaning can be performed. Day time cleaning saves energy and is a greener approach to cleaning tile floors.
  • Dual Power Sources make it versatile. Models come in both or either AC/DC Electrical or Battery power.
  • Versatility for different types of flooring such as tile, ceramic, vinyl, wood, stone, concrete floors, etc.
  • Cleaning Function versatility includes Daily & Deep Cleaning – Uses Floor Pads or Brushes, Strips Floor Finish/Wax – Uses Floor Pads or Brushes, Ceramic and Grout Cleaning – Uses Brushes, etc.
  • Size of the commercial facility being cleaned. It may be the case a smaller facility does not require much commercial floor cleaning equipment.
  • Service and parts are an important part of the decision-making process when purchasing commercial floor cleaning equipment.
  • Warranties are also important. They are not all the same. So it is worth the research on what brand name commercial floor cleaning equipment provides you with the right warranty for your needs and requirements.
  • Price, volume discounts, credit terms, etc.
  • Budget considerations.
  • Leasing Programs.


Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment – Global Brand Manufacturers


The following lists are both known for quality, leaders in the commercial floor cleaning equipment industry and/or valve priced manufacturers

  • Advance Nilfisk Machines (Several Brand Names)
  • American Minuteman Machines
  • Daimer Industries
  • Karcher Machines
  • Pioneer Eclipse Machines
  • Taski Machines
  • Tennant Machines (Several brand Names)
  • Tomcat Cleaning Equipment
  • Windsor Machines


Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment – Reference Websites

Taski Machines

Advance Nilfisk Machines

Tennant Machines

American Minuteman Machines

Windsor Machines

Karcher Machines

Pioneer Eclipse Machines

Tomcat Cleaning Equipment

Daimer Industries


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