The purpose of this article is to outline where and how to purchase commercial grade floor cleaning chemicals, machines, tools, supplies, etc.  What makes this an interesting topic is many commercial building and facilities purchase floor cleaning products and supplies that are not necessary to achieving their individual goals and objectives. The cleaning industry is a fragmented business with many options including type of floor cleaning products, methods of cleaning, supplier vendors (local, regional and national) which can become confusing. So, it is important to search for a reputable value supported supplier known for quality, expertise, service and support.  

Failure to do so can be a costly mistake. We will outline below a recommended approach to purchasing commercial grade floor cleaning supplies and products which will assist in avoiding possible expensive challenges.  

In the event, you were looking for information on commercial floor cleaning services, please refer to another Article on our website. (Floor Cleaning Services – Basic Types and Where to Find Them)  


Commercial Floor Cleaning – What to look for in selecting Floor Cleaning Supplies

Making the correct decision on what to use and where to buy is the most difficult part of the decision making process. It requires some homework. But it does not have to be hard or a long drawn out process as long as you follow some simple guidelines.  


Commercial Floor Cleaning – How to Buy

  • Research:
    1. Network with peers from other companies
    2. Use the internet to gather information
    3. Subscribe to Cleaning Trade Journals and Periodicals
    4. Consult with maintenance employees and managers to determine what worked and what didn’t work
    5. Get involved in the actual work and observe what the current cleaning personnel are experiencing  
  • Recommended Guidelines: National Brands: Use a national or globally recognized branded line of products. This is especially true for Cleaning Chemicals and Machines. Most national brands have a reputation for quality, expertise and service support that will deliver the positive and cost effective results commercial facility managers are seeking. Otherwise they would not be a recognized brand and considered a leader for long.If you manage multiple locations or facilities that are spread across a region, country or global; a national supplier or logistics partner will be a necessity. A National branded vendor can add value in this area. Additionally, National branded chemical and machine manufacturers can provide a consistent and uniform standard which will assist in meeting your floor cleaning objectives; whether it is one location or multiple locations.  
  • Beware of Gimmicks: Do not fall for gimmick products. There are new innovations but be weary.
  • Testing: Always test anyone’s products and system prior to making a purchase.  
  • Negotiate: The industry is fragmented with many choices. This makes it a buyer’s market but especially true in difficult economic times. So negotiate fairly but be firm in your resolution of achieving your overall goals. 
  • Inquire: Ask probing questions to determine if the sales person calling on you is knowledgeable. A company maybe the best in class and a leading national brand but if there is breakdown at the local level with representation; the support level needed to deliver a  successful program with never be achieved.  
  • Value Added Support: This is non-negotiable. A successful floor cleaning program requires support and services from their floor cleaning vendors.


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Where to Buy


There are many options on where to purchase products today, much more so then even a few years ago. The selection will depend on many variables that pertain to your particular needs and requirements.  

  1. Global Partners – Staple, Bunzl, etc.
  2. National Logistics Partners – Xpedx, Schwarz Paper, Supply One, Joshen Paper, etc.
  3. Procurement Management Firms – Cleanwise
  4. National Partner Associations & Buying Groups  – Network Services
  5. Local Janitor Distributors
  6. Office Supply Vendors – Office Max, Office Depot, etc.
  7. Internet


Commercial Floor Cleaning – Logistic Company Websites:

Staples Office Supply  

Bunzl PLC  


Schwarz Supply Source  

Network Services Company  

Cleanwise, Inc.

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