Wooden floors had lost their appeal to homeowners from the mid 1960’s through the 1980’s but since then have made a huge comeback in popularity because of their incredible beauty and warm ambience they give to home. However, wooden floors also need to be cared for and cleaned without harming the wood. This not difficult and rather easy if you use caution and follow the simples steps outlined in this article.

For the purpose of this discussion, the objective is to provide residential homeowners a simple easy way for cleaning wooden floors and avoid issues that may harm the wood. Most if not all modern homes that have wooden floors are sealed with some sort of polyurethane coating that protects the wooden floor. In the case of an extremely older home that still has its original wooden floors which were maintained with liquid or paste wax to protect the wooden floor, the same steps can be used for cleaning wooden floors.

Just always remember when it comes to cleaning wooden floors…WOOD HATES WATER!


Cleaning Wooden Floors – Cleaning Precautions

  1. Time:  To assist in avoiding over wetting the wooden floor during cleaning, using a microfiber cleaning mop system like Swiffer or Bona. These types of cleaning systems apply less cleaning solution to the wooden floor as compared to a mop and bucket cleaning method.
  2. Chemical: Use a quality cleaner designed for wooden floors according to label direction. Many individuals have suggested and recommend using vinegar to clean wooden floors because it is inexpensive. While the inexpensive aspect is true, vinegar does not clean well for type of soils found on a floor and if not careful overtime may damage the protective seal coat on the wooden floor.


Cleaning Wooden Floors – Cleaning Steps

  1. Dry Clean: (Either/or)

    • Dust mop or sweep using an untreated dust mop. The preferred tool is a microfiber flat mop system. Use a Blunt plastic scraper to remove gum, labels, candy, etc that may be adhered to the floor. Remove the loose debris from the floor and discard in the trash.
    • Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust from the floor.  Use a Blunt plastic scraper to remove gum, labels, candy, etc that may be adhered to the floor.
  2. Wet Clean: (Either/Or)

    • Damp clean using a flat mop microfiber system. Be sure to use minimal moisture to damp clean the wood floor and a microfiber cleaning system such as Swiffer or Bona provide positive results and reduce the amount of water to clean the wooden floor.
    • Steam Mop Cleaning is a great option when cleaning wooden floors because it uses steam and microfiber pad to clean and sanitize the wooden floor and puts a least amount of moisture on the wooden floor during the cleaning process. The Oreck steam Mop system cleans and sanitizes in one step as do other steam mop systems. But be aware that not all steam mops sanitize the floor.
      Note: There are many various types of wood cleaning products and tools on the market today for both commercial and residential use that will deliver results and protect the wood floor from damage.


Cleaning Wooden Floors – Helpful Websites

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