Whether you are a residential homeowner or a facilities manager for a commercial building, dust mopping of all floors is the first step in cleaning but when it comes to wood floors it is even more critical and extremely important to perform the procedure properly when cleaning wood floors. Dust mopping removes the loose debris including sand, grit, dirt, etc from the floor. When this procedure is performed poorly, sand and grit is left on the wood floor. This remaining grit and sand scratches the floor finish or seal of the wood floor and can over time wear through the protective coating of the wood floor and damage the wood itself.

This article addresses dust mopping and also lists the proper steps to dust mopping, the tools to use and the importance of using the best tools available such microfiber mop heads.

Another common suggested method for cleaning wood floors is to use a broom to sweep the floor. This would be last resort if no dust mop is available because broom sweeping will not remove the fine particulates from the floor. Brooms should be used only in tight confined areas to remove loose soils.

Why use Microfiber dust mops? Because they work better than any other dust mopping tool. They are also a greener way to clean and trap more loose debris and soil than other dust mopping tools. They can be laundered up to 500 times which saves money and the environment.

Note: Always remember when cleaning wood floors; always use the least amount of water possible.


Cleaning Wood Floor – Type of Products – Residential & Commercial

The following is a brief list of products, tools, supplies, etc. for cleaning wood floors. The brand names under each of the categories below are products that clean well and will not harm wood floors if used properly and according to label directions.

  • Microfiber Mops, Cloths and Microfiber Mop Tools: Laundered – up to 500 times and Disposable 
    1. Bona Mops and System
    2. Bruce Mops and System
    3. Proctor & Gamble Swiffer
    4. FilMop Flat Mop Systems
    5. Diversey PACE Mop System
  • Cotton Yarn Dust Mops, Cloths and Mop Tools: Laundered and Disposable 
    1. Fuller Brush Dust mop System
    2. ETC of Henderson Dust mop System
    3. Hub City Brush Dust Mop System 


Cleaning Wood Floor – How to Properly Dust Mop a Wood Floor

The following is a list of how to properly dust mop a wood floor.

  1. Plan ahead by using a cleaning pattern where the loose debris is directed toward an area where the loose debris can be disposed of easily without tracking it back on the wood floor. Do not try to push large piles of loose debris. Instead make smaller piles of debris to be picked up later with a broom and dust pan. This will avoid of leaving loose debris on the wood floor from overloading the dust mop.
  2. Use a broom to sweep hard to reach areas and confined areas of the wood floor.
  3. Pre-Clean sticky liquid spills with a damp mop.
  4. Using a blunt plastic scraper, gently remove adhered debris such as labels, gum, stickers, etc.
  5. Use a clean good condition untreated microfiber dust mop or untreated cotton yarn dust mop fixed to the dust mop frame and attach to a handle.   

    • If using a cotton yarn dust mop head, loop the dust mop head to spread out the cotton yarn strands. This will increase the effectiveness of the cleaning wood floors. Looping is performed by picking up the dust mop by the handle in a straight motion off the floor 6 to 8 inches and drop it to the floor. This will spread out the strands of the cotton yarn dust mop head.
    • If using a microfiber dust mop head, looping is not necessary.
  6. Precede to dust mop the wood floor, employing a straight movement forward pushing the dust mop ahead of you while maintaining constant contact of the wood floor with the dust mop. Overlap by approximately 2 inches on each pass.
  7. If you are unable to clean the dust mop head outside, remove the loose debris and dust that is attached to the dust mop head by shaking it out or using a small hand brush to brush the dust into a trash container. Another method is to vacuum the dust mop head.


Cleaning Wood Floor – Where to Buy Quality Dust Mops

  • Local Janitorial Supply distributors 
  • National distributors like WW Grainger
  • Wholesale Club like Sam’s or Costco.
  • DYI and Local Hardware Stores like Lowes and Home Depot
  • Websites such as Amazon


Cleaning Wood Floor – Reference Websites

Bruce/Armstrong Wood Floor Products

Bona Wood Floor Products

Fuller Brush Company

ETC of Henderson, Inc.


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